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Aromasin with 400mg Test E a Week


how often should i be taking aromasin on 400mg/wk.
currently 163 lbs, 5’11. 19 yrs and ive been llifting for 3 yrs!
P…S. This is my first cycle


What are your E levels?


Why are you cycling at 19? Why are you cycling when you only weigh 163 lbs at 5’11?

If you have not started the cycle please don’t. If you are having issues growing mass then the problem 99% of the time lies in workout, sleep, or diet. It’s usually in that order too.

If you have already started and you just don’t care what anyone says then yubs said it and you find out with blood work. If you are going to stab in the dark then body fat comes into play when dealing with inhibiting the aromatase process.


Thnak you Iron, you saw exactly where I was going to go with this conversation.


Are you continuing the joke that I made about iron being my second personality and making all the comments I wanted to make but I just forgot that my second personality already made them?

Or did you actually see a similar thought pattern and absent mindedly forget to verify who made the comment?

Either I am in good company.


Not at all (although I do recall that posting so it’s possible I channeled you subconsciencly).

I expect the OP to come back with a response along the lines of “I don’t know what my E levels are”, or some other position. My next response was then going to be that we can’t really offer anything more than guesses as to his AI requirement without this critical piece of information. Iron simply anticipated that out and beat me to it.


Did iron comment on this thread then erase it?


Shit…no he didn’t. I’m firing on halfpower today apparently and called you iron by mistake. Now it’s clear to me…duh.


You guys are the best.


HA!..today’s been rough.


He wants these outcomes:

  • boobs
  • infertility and tiny testicles

We have to breast feed this idiots who start gear and have no idea what they are doing. Probably clueless about PCT and doing any level of research.