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Aromasin with 400mg Test E a Week


how often should i be taking aromasin on 400mg/wk.
currently 163 lbs, 5’11. 19 yrs and ive been llifting for 3 yrs!
P…S. This is my first cycle


What are your E levels?


Why are you cycling at 19? Why are you cycling when you only weigh 163 lbs at 5’11?

If you have not started the cycle please don’t. If you are having issues growing mass then the problem 99% of the time lies in workout, sleep, or diet. It’s usually in that order too.

If you have already started and you just don’t care what anyone says then yubs said it and you find out with blood work. If you are going to stab in the dark then body fat comes into play when dealing with inhibiting the aromatase process.


Thnak you Iron, you saw exactly where I was going to go with this conversation.


Are you continuing the joke that I made about iron being my second personality and making all the comments I wanted to make but I just forgot that my second personality already made them?

Or did you actually see a similar thought pattern and absent mindedly forget to verify who made the comment?

Either I am in good company.


Not at all (although I do recall that posting so it’s possible I channeled you subconsciencly).

I expect the OP to come back with a response along the lines of “I don’t know what my E levels are”, or some other position. My next response was then going to be that we can’t really offer anything more than guesses as to his AI requirement without this critical piece of information. Iron simply anticipated that out and beat me to it.


Did iron comment on this thread then erase it?


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He wants these outcomes:

  • boobs
  • infertility and tiny testicles

We have to breast feed this idiots who start gear and have no idea what they are doing. Probably clueless about PCT and doing any level of research.


wait whats a pct bro?


If you could re read the title, i believe it says “Aromasin with 400mg Test E a Week” not “Please come bash me about my age and weight”.


Id like to thank everyone for their help! Wow you guys helped out so much its insane. Bashing me about things i already know about! every forum is the same its fucking annoying. thanks for nothing


You gave us no information to go off of. No blood work, baseline or current, means no way to evaluate your e2. Controlling e2 is as much an art as it is a science. Not everyone responds the same way to testosterone or to an AI. Take 12.5mg twice a week and see how you respond. If you need more then take more. If you need less then take less.




I realize that with what I wrote it could be read like I was trying to be a dick. That was not my intention. When I want to be a dick my language shifts significantly.

I urge you to go read all the comments I have made about taking AAS too early. As in taking steroids WELL before peak natural production. Seriously you are risking a hell of a lot more than you think. I had friends taking them early in college, trust me you don’t want to be the guy that goes bald in college.

As far as your weight. I am 5’11 and I would be paper thin at 163. You just have way too much natural growth to exploit before needing steroids to grow anymore. Honestly if you can’t grow naturally then all the juice in the world will not help. All steroids do is make recovery from hard work outs faster so you can go again. Literally that’s all they do. So if you don’t know what it takes for you to grow without them then it just simply a waist if you take them.

If you are having trouble or just not growing as fast as you want here are some basics that WORK.

  1. Simple supplementation to include
    glutamine (helps recovery and with soreness), amino acids (usually guys are not taking enough to fully capitalize on their effort in the gym, it’s one of the basic building blocks of muscle so if you stop growing try taking more),
    protein (at the very least one gram per pound, I take one gram per pound in bars and shakes then eat a bunch of high protein food like the white part of a hard boiled egg at 6-8 a day when I am not pushing it in the gym. Also edamame beans are a good snack, probably get another 20-30 grams there.),
    L-arginine, (helps with nitrogen in the blood and thus the muscle, and one of the big selling points of juice is it helps with nitrogen retention in the muscle)
  2. Proper SLEEP. That’s actually when muscle growth acures.

Seriously please click on my profile name and go read the other threads from guys that cycle at your age. I have made the same comments so many times.

And please tell me that you asking about what is a “PCT” was just sarcasm. We don’t have a sarcasm font on this thing.

Again I am not trying to be a dick. I have a step son in highschool. He is on the freshman baseball team and he has already been offered steroids. This shit with guys taking them way too early just gets to me. I watched idoits in college. I literally had a guy tell me he knew the secret to making a full recovery without any crash after taking 3 cycles back to back, and his secret was keep going to the gym but he needed depression medication so he wouldn’t get depressed and not go to the gym. He couldn’t convince his other friend to give him his prescription so he decided that St. John’s Wart would work. It didn’t work.


I appreciate your concern and I understand the risks. I don’t think I have the baldness gene thank god. I did do dbol in HS (very dumb I know). Im doing this cycle properly. Even though im going in blind with bloodwork I plan on getting bloodwork done mid cycle to make sure everything is okay. Im running Aromasin 12.5mg every time I pin (friday monday or thursday sunday not sure yet). If my nips start getting sensitive im gunna up it to EOD. My pct is clomid at 50/50/50/50 (although i feel like i need someone to explain pct to me in full, reading shit online gets crazy hard to understand because of so much info. Im 163 bc im probably 7.5-8% BF. Running 400mg/wk test e as you read in comments. I understand and thank you for your warning but I’m doing it anyways. Let me know how my cycle sounds <3 thanks


For PCT we basically have two common SERMs. That stands for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, or something close to that. Basically the SERMs act like estrogen in our body. They go and attach to certain tissues namely the tissues that grow during gyno. They attach with a stronger bond than estrogen so the actual estrogen can not attach.
Those two SERMs are clomid and Nolvadex. Those are the name brand trade names but everyone calls the generics by those names so to keep it simple so do I.
With those two there are two basic schools of thought for PCT. Use them together or singularly. More and more we see people getting away from using them together. We also see more and more just using Nolvadex.
Now all of this is on this site in countless threads but I will yet again type it out.
For Clomid only PCT we typically see dosing as 100mgs a day for two weeks then 50mgs a day for two weeks.
For Nolvadex only PCT we see 40mgs a day for two weeks then 20 mgs a day for two weeks.
If you want to combine them then typically you see that dosage level split in half.

Some extra info that could help, but I feel obligated to say you should have known this before you started. Clomid makes some guys react like pregnant women, so if you are really emotional during PCT then you might be one of those who should stick with Nolvadex.
For Nolvadex I have seen where a trial gave health men Nolvadex for an extended period of time. If my recall is accurate then the majority of the test subjects had continually increasing levels of natural testosterone for up to three months of Nolvadex usage. I do not remember if these were guys with low natural test or if they were guys coming off of cycles or if they were just regular everyday guys.
You have indicated a clomid only PCT. I would not push clomid usage past six weeks. I think there is a lot of parroting of information online obviously and I believe that along the way people without medical knowledge have been combining warnings and risks for Clomid with HCG. If you go read my other comments they explain why someone might think that a warning or risk for Clomid might apply to HCG or vice versa.
The reason for adding that last bit in is if you feel like cycling again and will most likely do that then you might want to look into Nolvadex. It is a stronger estrogen blocker and there is evidence that taking it longer than a month might be useful to guys that take longer to recover.


What made you decide on 400mg for your first cycle?
Just curious, i’m going with 375 and just started a few days ago.