Aromasin vs. Arimidex (25mg -> 0.25mg ED)

I was taking 25mg Aromasin per day and feeling just fine after having been on it EOD and not, despite E2 levels. E2 checked on this dose and I feel better too.

However, this costs around $100 per month and I wanted to cut costs; Arimidex took it down to $10 per month.

Am I going to have any trouble going from 25mg Aromasin to 0.25mg Arimidex ED? I’m not basing it off on any conversion, rather information I’ve seen by doctors posted online prescribing 0.25mg for TRT doses much less than what I’m currently running (250mg Test-E).

An everyday dose makes me feel much better than the whipsaws of levels running things EOD/E3D so I looked into the lowest dose possible and wanted to hear the experiences of anyone else running a daily AI.


One way to find out … I’ve seen ppl say Aromasin is less harsh than Anastrozole, but I didn’t notice anything when I used it (way back, on cycle). Starting with .25mg maybe EOD and just dial it in again is prolly the best bet

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Yeah I took maybe 0.5/1mg EOD while cycling (500-750mg). I just got too comfortable with Asin, but the price is outrageous. I’m going to definitely give Adex a go to see if it can keep E2 at equilibrium as well as cut some costs. If no dice in two months, I’ll swap back.