Aromasin Users?

Posting to see if anyone here is currently using Aromasin as their AI. I’ve decided to scrap Arimidex completely as I get bad side effects even from 0.03mg 2x/week. I still get E2-related side effects and am considering giving this a try.

For users of Aromasin, a few questions:

a.) What dose/frequency are you using?
b.) Did any of you successfully move to this compound after overresponding to Arimidex?
c.) What side effects (if any) do you experience on Aromasin?
d.) In reading about Aromasin, on paper it looks as if the compound has mild androgenic activity. Did you experience this?


Aromasin is a suicide inhibitor, it destroys the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. It sounds like you are an over-responder to arimidex, side effects from arimidex is the result of lower E2 and not the medication itself.

Have you tried dissolving arimidex in an ounce of vodka and dosing that way? You could also dissolve it in a different ratio using more vodka to further dilute it.

The last time I tried it it was in a solution of alcohol, and I think I got down as low as 0.01 or 0.02 mg. Unfortunately still had a really bad response. I’m definitely an overresponder - .25 mg crashed me for over a week. I can dilute it even further I suppose, but my doc is willing to write for aromasin, and I’m considering giving it a shot.

What are your numbers?

Likely, you are misinterpreting low symptoms as being high symptoms. Here are a few that go with both high and low e2 that can really screw you up.

-Low Libido
-emotional mood
-limp dick

For the longest time I kept interpreting my LOW e2 as high E2 and I kept myself in a low state for a long time.

What are your labs like?

Sounds like you DONT need an AI…

I just started my first cycle on Saturday, however I am doing 12.5MG EOD. Today I have noticed a little bit of extra warmth in my ankle joints. But that’s all i have noticed at all so far. Let me know if you find anything else out that I should be aware of.

Also to note, I chose Aromasin over Adex as it’s known to be easier on the liver.

Thanks for the reply. In Canada so access to full panel labs is challenging, but last test had TT at 804 and total estrogen at 44. I shoot 2x per week and this was taken 3 days after a shot. I have pubertal Gyno in one nipple, and it flares up a couple days after each shot - painful to the touch and swollen, leading me to believe my estrogen levels are too high (had no issue with it pre-TRT). I’m having a hell of a time getting dialed-in with TRT - the lack of lab access up here greatly complicates things.

Usually nipple sensitivity is a dead give away. You are only having it on one side though?

I wouldn’t be too quick to jump to conclusions.

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Yeah, just on the one side. Got it around age 14 and by my 20’s it had hardened into a fibrous lump about the size of a pea. Hardly noticeable and no pain at all. It’s only started to flare up again after starting TRT.

Higher E2, along with higher Test, is a good thing. Too much, obviously not.

Sounds like you have some actual breast tissue, hence the lump, which IS sensitive to e2.

So, your e2, while maybe a little high, isnt causing itchiness in your other nipple. But it IS bothering the breast tissue that is already there. Get it removed. 3

What’s your protocol and ALL and any labs you drew.

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Got locked out of my online account that holds my last bloodwork, working on retrieving it. Current protocol is 120mg/week (60mg, twice a week) and 250mcg HCG EOD

You have room to lower your dose before going to an AI.

SHBG is important in determining this.

So maybe 100mg? I’m going to pay out of pocket for an SHBG test, is there any particular time I should take it? (Ie: x days post injection, etc)

Thank you for your help

So at 120 a week, at trough you were at 804 TT. So you are hanging around between 800-1100.

100 mg is the standard dose. I have high SHBG, but 100mg gives me a decent amount of free test.

If you were low SHBG, you still might have a little high E2 on 100mg. But we don’t know your SHBG.

You’ve been taking 120mg a week and your E2 was 44, im assuming on the non sensitive test. So its not INSANE, but its high for sure. I would actually try 90 a week.

But I don’t think you can go wrong with 100.

IF IT WERE ME: I would lower my dose to 80-90 a week, UNTIL I felt my nipple pain go away. then I would stay at either 90 or, maybe try 100. see what happens.

Really appreciate this advice. I’m going to give 100mg a try for 4-6 weeks, with no AI, and adjust accordingly. You are clearly experienced in TRT, from what you’ve seen does 100mg work for the majority of guys? I’ve got an inherent “more is better” mentality which I need to get over

This is why a lot of guys fail to really improve, the are unable to get off the train of thought more is better, we will fight tooth and nail to prevent us from going back to the way we felt when our testosterone was low. Lowering our dosage too much is terrifying.

100mg should give decent results whether your have high SHBG or low SHBG. Obvioulsy they will be better with low.