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Aromasin Timing

hey guys, new to the board, been playing around with dosages trying to get my TRT nailed on and im now settled at 120mg of cup per week, happy with bloods for test and free test etc

but my oestrogen has creeped up, to 342 with the range suppose to be 41-149 pmol/l

been recommended to take half a tablet of aromasin twice a week and redo bloods in 4 weeks which ill do no prob, but does anyone know best time to take the aromasin i take test injection every saturday evening usually

thanks guys

Twelve hours after injection and 3.5 days later.

Aromasin is perfect for dosing twice weekly since it is in full effect 3.5 days after taking it.

excellent, thanks guys ill try this protocol until my next bloods then see where i am

What side effects are you having?

bit emotional at times, and my libido has definitely dropped,