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Aromasin Timing Advice

I’m interested to hear some differing opinions and protocols when it comes to administering Aromasin. I know that aromasin has a relatively short half life in males, but because of its suicidal nature, it’s effects on E2 last much longer.

I know that some take their AI at the same time as their T injection (which would be ideal to help keep track) but that might not be optimal with Aromasin. I also saw a few people state that they took it 24 hours after their injection, to correspond with their T peaking. There are also some that say, with a fatty meal, in the AM/PM for differing reasons. Im using a RC which I believe is dissolved in alcohol, so im not sure if the fatty food part is necessary.

Right now I am on 40mg of test cyp a week, split every 3.5 days. I have been trying to do the dosing on the days of injection, but it seems like maybe that isn’t ideal for me. I am using a very very small amount of aromasin when I am using it, because my T dose is so low. Usually take around .12ml of a 25mg/ml solution which is around 3.125mg aromasin. Sometimes in between I will use a .06 if I feel itchy nipples or my morning erections disappear. Have had E2 checked twice while on this schedule and it stays in the 22-26 range.

Would a EOD schedule be more effective possibly? Any insight or personal experience would be appreciated.