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Aromasin Technical Question

I’ve done quite a bit of reading and can’t seem to find any answer to this question.
If, according to the following study ( https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/88/12/5951/2661508/Pharmacokinetics-and-Dose-Finding-of-a-Potent ) males users (not on gear) taking Aromasin at both 50mg/ED and 25mg/ED experienced a decline in estrogen and like compounds BUT always within safe ranges then why is it that when there is more testosterone (on gear) in your system to be aromatized people insist on taking less aromasin?
It seems given the excess Test in your system one would need to take even more Aromasin to prevent the conversion to estrogen not less.
Anyone have anyway of explaining this more clearly to me?
People have obviously crashed there est levels with two much Aromasin according to blood work, I’m not contesting that, I’m just trying to understand why more testosterone requires less of an AI to remain within safe estrogen ranges for most people.

Here’s a theory to that, not saying this is right but it could be. When you’re taking exogenous testosterone there is no T->E conversion in the testicles because they are shut off from producing test. Aromitization is much much higher in the testicles than elsewhere in the body and aromatase inhibitors such as aromasin cannot stop intratesticular aromatization. However, when you’re on exogenous test it all will be aromitized outside the testicles. In theory aromasin would have a greater affect on exogenous test because it can block almost all T -> E conversion outside of the testicles.

Interesting theory. You definitely are more knowledgeable than I.
I had to read that twice to grasp what you were saying and i believe it is logical. I’d definitely like to hear some more ideas on it

The issue is for all AIs. You can find similar for anastrozole where 1mg and 2mg per day produced results near E2=17pg/ml.

When a normal guy lowers E2, LH increases and it seems like high LH is ramping up T–>E2 inside the testes were the AI will not work. The case for this is clear for anastrozole that fails with the high T inside the testes as a competitive AI as expected *. The case for that with aromasin has been up in the air.

  • I pondered this years ago and came to that conclusion. Most often seen where TRT guys on high SERM doses had high E2 levels that could not be controlled by anastrozole. I still would like to see a guy on high dose SERMs or high dose hCG with high E2 determine if Aromasin would work in that context were anastrozole fails. One might expect that the non-competitive Aromasin might act differently.

So KSman… the next question is how long should one stay on an AI after using a SERM to correct estrogen rebound. And how long will the cycle of correcting high e2 ->low e2 -> high LH -> high test -> high e2 last

Do you mean " how long should one stay on a serm after using it to correct estrogen rebound?"
I’m under the impression that most people prefer to run the AI the duration on the cycle to prevent high estro and use the serm only to correct high estro (and also for pct)
If you wrote correctly then you you clarify for me, please?

Well the thing with Serms is that they don’t actually lower estrogen. The block estrogen at its receptor site. So you could have a huge amount of estrogen in your system, your body just doesn’t recognize it. When the serm is taken away and the receptor site is freed up then it can cause esteogenic side effects. Thus the need for an AI to actually reduce estrogen

Right, i understand that.
I think i just found the way your question was phrased confusing

The S in SERM is Selective

Acting differently in different tissues, acting in Selected tissues.

Oddly, we have seen some guys in these forums where SERM’s seem to fail at treating gyno events. Genetic differences? One can only guess.

How long to cruise post-PCT on 0.5mg anastrozole per week? There is no really good answer, so I have been avoiding that. Maybe 3-4 weeks? Then if you feel good, carry on, but if not, try going back on. Always remember that it takes 5-7 days for anastrozole serum levels to fully adjust to a dose change, patience required. I tend to avoid an outcome of crashing E2 as that is not pleasant.

So many guys here do not understand the basics re AI’s and SERM’s. Worst is when someone states ‘estrogen blocker’ and you then have no idea what they are taking about and they probably do not either. I get criticized here some times for been overly concise and technical, but it is required.