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Aromasin or Arimidex

What is your preference? Does one have any specific benefit over the other for long term use or is it mostly anecdotal? Ive recently seen a lot of people who prefer aromasin because it is slightly easier to avoid going to low, where as in the past I had barely heard of it. Thoughts?

You can take 1mg anastrozole per week or 20mg aromasin ED or EOD. Then you do labs and adjust and your E2 levels are then what you want. Anastrozole has a well known dose-response. We do have some guys who are anastrozole over-responders and they need to use less, but they will go low and then need to cut dose to 1/4th of what is normally used.

Most use anastrozole. Have you read the stickies?

Specific benefit? Does not matter which you use if E2 levels are on target and you feel good. 1mg if anastrozole is less costly than a week of aromasin. If you are an anastrozole over-responder, your costs are very low.

We have the knowledge of hundreds of guys here using anastrozole. Call that anecdotal or clinical experience.

I use Aromasin. It was easier to dial in and it’s very difficult in my experience to go to low. I actually experimented with trying to run E2 to low and came back at 15 with no low estrogen sides.

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[quote]KSman wrote:

You can take 1mg anastrozole per week or 20mg aromasin ED or EOD.

Just a correction. 1 mg anastrozole per week is roughly equivalent to 25 mg aromasin per WEEK (not 20 mg per day or EOD - that would crash most guys on TRT very quickly).

I don’t know what the typical EOD dose of aromasin would be, because it is not discussed often here. And when dealing with the few guys who can’t get balanced on anastrozole, they might actually not be a good guide for dosing aromasin in the general population of TRT males.

Ya its probably a good idea to start with what is more common. If arimidex doesn’t sit well with me then maybe give aromasin a go. The more I look the more good things I see about aromasin though

Ksman, youve been around forums a lot longer then me obviously and heard of a lot of peoples experiences so the average anastrazole dose you see is 1mg/week? Ive read of many people going to low on 0.25mg E3D. I inject my T E3D and Hcg the day before would I be best to start at 0.25mg the day of every injection?

I suggest taking all of your T+hCG+AI at the same time for simplicity. Minor advantages probably have minor effects.

After getting E2 labs while in AI, you adjust the AI dose to get to the target E2 level. Calculation of new dose is very easy.

Anastrozole dosing needs to balance one’s serum T levels. If TT is in the 850-1000 range, 1mg/week seems to work well as a starting dose for most “normal anastrozole responders” [most guys].