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Aromasin Only for Low Testosterone


Hi, my problem is low testosterone and high estradiol.
I am 36 year old male.
Suffering from social anxiety, low energy,low sex drive, depression, low libido.Nothing makes me happy.
Also suffering from hashimoto, but even if my TSH is in range, my test. and estradiol is still same.
My doctor refused to help me, because my results are low, but still in range.
First I tied Clomid[last year], but give me a lot side effect so I quit.
Now I start with Bayer Aromasin from good source.
Baseline results:
4.1.2017: Testosterone 12.61 range 8.64-29 nmol/l
Estradiol 147 range 0-147 pmol/l

9.1.2017 Testosterone 13.81 range 8.64-29 nmol/l
Estradiol 165 range 0-147 pmol/l

13.1 start with Aromasin 12.5mg
16.1 Aromasin 12.5mg
19.1 Aromasin 12.5mg
22.1 Aromasin 12.5mg

Results 4days after last dose of aromasin:

26.1.2017 Testosterone 23.48 range 7.60-31.40 nmol/l
Estradiol 91.23 range 0-191.99 pmol/l

First week on Aromasin I feel great, brutal high libido, lot of energy, strong in gym, just feel great, I just liked it.
After one week I just crashed: joint pain, no libido, irritation, agression, everything makes me angry, feel hopeless, so 22.1 quit with aromasin.
I though I crashed my estradiol, but as you can see my estradiol is not crashed.
So my question is: What do you guys think hapend? Why I suddednly feel so bad, from great to shit ?
Thank you for possible advise and sorry for my english.


E2 [estradiol] should be good around 80 pmol/L

Try aromasin every second day E2D

You never followed my post in your other thread.
Please do that.

“In range” does not mean very much. Please post thyroid labs and ranges.
Were you always using iodized salt?
Check body temps, if low, you need to increase thyroid meds.

Some guys feel horrible on clomid, but will do OK on Nolvadex.
Clomid would have increased your E2, so not good by itself.


So my thyroid results from 26.1.2017:
Free Thyroxine 13.99 pmol/L range 12-22
TSH 28.07 mIU/R range 0.27-4.20

Last 6 years I used 125mg Levothyroxine daily, my TSH was 1-3 mIU/R range 0.27-4.20, but always feel like shit on levo. Asked my doctor for Armour or NDT, but no chance.
Currently not using levo.
On Levothyroxine my test., estr. level was same like now.
Normal table salt is without iodine ?


Depends on what County you are in.
Canada? - all table salt should be iodized there, check the package

TSH=28 is horrible. If you are selenium deficient, you can progress to thyroid auto-immune disease if not there already. You can get thyroid nodules that can become cancerous.

One of the largest problems we see here with TRT guys is thyroid function. You really need to get something done.

Check body temps, if low, you need to increase thyroid meds.Check body temps, if low, you need to increase thyroid meds.Check body temps, if low, you need to increase thyroid meds.Check body temps, if low, you need to increase thyroid meds.

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KSman: My country is currently United Kingdom. Hard to find iodised salt here.
Does somebody know where to buy Armour Thyroid without prescription ?