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Aromasin on Test Cycle, Headaches

Hey everyone. This is my first post so I’m probably making a bunch of newbie mistakes. sorry about that ahead of time.

So I’m on week 4 of my first cycle ever.

600mg test e /week
200iu hcg eod
.5 mg arimidex every day

I tried playing with the arimidex dosage, trying to get it right. Since its my first cycle, i don’t really know what to look for in terms of high/low estrogen symptoms. At one point i had sort of sensitive nipples, and seemed bloated. My libido fluctuated too. 5 days ago i decided to switch to some aromasin. the pills arrived in a very non-pharmaceutical looking containers. Starting on day 2 of switching to aromasin, i began waking with painful headaches that lasted throughout the day and feeling very out of sorts, fogginess of the head and such. Today i woke up and it was too much to bear. i took 2 ibuprofen, drank a ton of caffeine, and skipped the aromasin, taking .75 mg arimidex instead.

I have three theories:

The aromasin is fake, and the symptoms i experienced were a result of my estrogen being too high.

The aromasin was real, and 25mg was WAY too much, and i completely killed my estrogen.

The aromasin was really bad quality, and something else in it was giving me the headaches.

I really don’t know what to do here. I paid a lot of money for the aromasin, so I’m really hoping it’s legit, but everything about it screams fake to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

so when you stopped taking the aromasin the headaches went away? if so, maybe it just doesn’t agree with you, try 12.5 mg eod and if you still get headaches from it just stick with adex

i got some mild headaches and drowsiness from aromasin… make sure you take it in the evening with a meal (which helps the absorption)…

Last time I ran dbol I was getting agonizing pumps in the jaw muscles at the side of my head! Total fucking nightmare!

Funniest thing was the way they made my head look. Big extra bit of head poking out.

you didn’t “completely kill your estrogen”

lol… for fuck’s sake