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Aromasin Just For Bloat On Cycle Without Other Sides?

Hi guys. Im doing my first cycle of Test C, 600mg/week, pin e3d. Just did my 9th pin so im about 3.5 weeks in. As far as I can tell, I am having no estro related sides so far. I used a bit of aromasin (7.25mg) for the first 3 shots and felt like it lowered my estrogen too much (lethargic, achey joints) so I stopped using it after that and I feel good.

Other people have told me they use aromasin or arimidex on cycle as needes when they feel bloated, even if they are not getting other side effects. Should aromasin be used this way? Meaning, a small dose when I look in the mirror and think I might be bloated from water retention? Thanks for any help.

Absolutely not

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But lower estrogen dries me out bruh.

Not srs


thanks guys