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Aromasin Issue on Test E Cycle


I reached my body fat target and started my cycle (500 test e per week).
I started aromasin few days before at 25mg per day and i do HCG 3 times x 250.
My issue is that i am bloated, especially after the HCG. Sometimes my hands are so swollen that i have difficulties lift. My knees also get swollen.
I am a bit confused, as i though 25mg per day is quite high and even considering that i tend to aromatise more than average, it should have kept things in check.
Yesterday i took 0.325 letrozole togeter with 25 mg aromasin and the bloat disappeared.
Any thoughts and experience with aromasin?


I have to say - I kinda hate aromasin.

I used it for a couple of cycles and had high E problems on cycle and after PCT. I’ll not use it on cycle ever again. Everyone always says you don’t get a rebound effect from it but apparently I did.

I did use a low dose the last couple of weeks of my last PCT and that worked a treat, so I think I’ll keep some on hand for that, but for on-cycle E control I think adex or letro are a better choice.


do you happen to know what your E2 was prior to your cycle?

i wonder if that aromasin isn’t legit… where did you get it? FWIW, aromasin needs to be taken with a meal, also. taking it on an empty stomach reduces the absorption…

also, HCG is gonna increase your aromatization. i am not of the opinion that you need to run that high of a dose of HCG throughout your whole cycle… it seems that plenty of guys do fine with 250-500 IU once a week, and increasing the frequency towards the end of the cycle.

as far as a-dex vs aromasin vs letro, aromasin is prolly the weakest, but fastest to work.


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Interesting reads, thanks.

My E2, prior the cycle, was high, measured twice, both times slightly above the top reference range. I contribute it to the fact that I had very high body fat level - around 30%. Now I am around 15%, but the drop was done in the past 7 months.

I am quite sure that the aromasin is legit. It is from Pfizer and I got it from a pharmacy. I take it, almost all the time, with my breakfast.

I will try reducing the HCG to 2 x 250 IU per week and see how that will work.
Today the bloat is less than usual, though my knees are again “burning”. So far the bloat and some loss of energy, strength and a bit of weird itchiness in the breasts are the symptoms. Sex drive and erections (including morning) are quite good.

My next pin is on Monday and I think to continue with aromasin and see how I feel on Monday morning. If things don’t improve, I will switch to letro and keep the aromasin for the PCT as Yogi1 did.

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