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Aromasin for HRT?


Hi guys,

I just started an HRT protocol a few weeks ago, 250IU HCG EOD, and 100mg/week test enanthate, 28mg EOD. I started Aromasin from the beginning, starting at 6.25mg EOD, and now up to 25mg/day due to estrogen side effects.

I had mild gyno as a teenager. My stats are 6'3, 225 lbs, at around 8%.

My estradiol levels prior to my HRT was;

217 pmol/L range (0-206) Aug. 31, 2007

Some symptoms I get from high estrogen is sore wrists, bloating, ED, swollen prostate, fatigue, and mental depression.

The sore wrists and prostate seem to especially be good barometers for my estrogen levels.

I was under the impression Aromasin was quite powerful. I know it's hard to guage without current estradiol levels, but is it possible Aromasin may not be driving my estradiol levels low enough even on my piddly dosages? Are there any resistant AI people out there, that may need a stronger AI like Letrozole?

Last year I was taking 200mg a week of test but had to stop due to estrogen sides while taking 0.5mg Arimidex EOD.

Am I a freak of nature or am I missing something?



Everyone reacts differently. If you're taking an AI and your estrogen levels are still too high, up the dose. Simple.


I think the max dose for Aromasin is 25mg in terms of maximum aromatase inhibition, so I don't think I can go any higher.

I'll have to play around with my dosages of HCG and test. I ordered some Arimidex and Letrozole today. Perhaps I'll get a better idea of how to decrease my high estrogen symptoms with those. The Letrozole is supposed to be more effective.

It doesn't seem many people are familiar with Aromasin from what I've read in many forums. For the most part it's used for PCT with Nolvadex. Arimidex and Letrozole seem to be more popular.