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Aromasin/Exemestane Solo for 6wks


Here is some back ground first.

In 2007 i did several cycles of designers, my pct was terrible and that's when the problems started. Over the following years i gained weight, was irritable and got mild gyno.
I was basically an angry fat slob, i knew allot of my problems were from hormones being out of whack and allot of that was due to my weight.

About 6 months ago i changed my diet, introduced exercise again, lost 20kgs on fat while getting stronger. 8 weeks ago at (15-16kgs lost) I was feeling 100 times better and decided to go to the doctor and see where my i was at in regards to hormones etc...

e2 was above normal ranges and test was low for my age (33), DHEA-S was also elevated
The results are in the before picture.

2 weeks after that i had sourced my self some Aromasin and started taking it, dosage was 6 mg per day for 4 days , then 3 mg per day since then.

I got my levels checked again a few days ago to see if it had helped.
e2 is in range, test is up, SHBG is down, free test is much higher
The results are in the AFTER image.

I must note that since the first blood test i have increased all my lifts and lost a further 4-5 kgs.
I also had a blood test testing only androgens just before i changed my life style and testosterone was at 4 nmol/l, the doctor was a female and extremly unhelpful, i asked her for the tests and she read the results and said "Every thing seems fine" When i went to and endocrinologist (after losing weight and becoming fitter) and showed him the tests he was shocked, my test levels were much better by that stage though.

http://imgur.com/pi3Fi,76oLt#0 AFTER

http://imgur.com/pi3Fi,76oLt#1 BEFORE

If anyone knows how to embed these let me know and i will.