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Aromasin EOD or Every Time I Pin?(Thurs, Sun)

Ok im only on 400mg test e and at very low bf (7-8%) should i be taking 12.5mg EOD or every time i pin. I feel like im gunna crash my e2 so fucking hard if i take it EOD especially since my first pin was Thursday(2 days ago)

Other important info.
Pct is clomid only
Ive already taken 12.5mg of aro on Thursday (my first pin)

You dont likely need any AI on that cycle.

Sorry do you mean i dont need an AI?

Sorry haha. Yea wrong wording. I edited the post.

Okay so should i stop using it for now and if i start to notice sensitive nips/ lumps start taking it at 12.5mg eod?

In the unlikely event you notice that I would use tamoxifen and not aromasin. If you insist on aromasin use it at 6,25 mg and take it only once per week. Don’t be confused by the half life. It renders aromatase intert.


I only have aromasin and okay ill do that! Thanks . does it matter that i took 12.5mg once already?

Na you’ll be fine.

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You definitely have a lower BF than me, but I was dosing Asin at 12.5 EOD and my 6 week bloodwork showed E2 at 65 and I felt fantastic. I mean ZERO signs of high E2. Nips as normal as ever. This is with Test C @500mg/week.

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And this is because supraphysiologic dosages of test don’t need NORMAL ranges of derivative hormones. It’s normal on cycle to have estrogen out of range high. This shit makes me nuts.


im not gunna run it unless my nips get sensitive because my joints started hurting monday after my first pin, obvi my e2 crashed when i took 12.5mg of Aromasin

I’m having a hard time getting a straight answer on this. So with a test level of 2450 an E2 level of 65 wouldn’t be considered too far out of range? Everyone always talks about the “sweet spot” with E2 around 25-30 but nobody ever makes mention of supraphysiologic test levels.

Damn right. People talk about the sweet spot when someone is on TRT and in the normal testosterone range. Every patient is different. I have guys who feel amazing with e2 at your level and guys who feel amazing at 26. There are equally guys who feel great with test at 1000 and other guys who feel great with test at 750 or 1250. There is not one single thing in endocrinology that is cookie cutter for every patient. It’s much more important to go off of how the patient feels than what their labs may show.

How do you feel?

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I feel fantastic. Mood and libido are through the roof. The other day I popped a rager while driving for 40 minutes and thought I was gonna have to pull over and tug it. Gyno hasn’t even attempted to creep up. That’s why I was so surprised with that E2 level. I may adjust my Asin dose to 12.5 on pin days and 6.25 every other day and go from there. Blood work due again in two weeks. Thanks a ton for the insight.


I always shot for the E2 = 22 sweet spot, ignoring my pre-TRT baseline. Acne on my arms got out of control at that range and BP would spike at times (when I took adex on pin days only), so, I starred dosing asin at 12.5mg ED on cycle (500mg test) and 6.25 ED on cruise (250mg) and it knocks me to E2 >5 to 11ish.

Diamonds in seconds and clearer, but dryer skin; other than that, I have no more problems.

I say ignore the target and find your own sweet spot, with 22 just being a reference. Obviously, some people react well with higher E2, some at 22, and maybe fewer, outliers like myself, below range.


Exactly. It’s all about how you FEEL. And you’re so welcome.

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This. Telling patients that “you’ll feel best with this number” is absolute lunacy. Most of how people feel is a representation of their collective neurotransmitters which is exceptionally variable.

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