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Aromasin Dosing


On 100mg of Test C a week. Just received my aromasin and looking for some dosing recommendations. I was thinking of starting 6.25 mgs EOD.

TT 676
Estrogen 42


It’s difficult to give you solid advice with a complete set of labs, SHBG would be very important since this determines how often you should be injecting.

Also most doctors order the wrong E2 labs which is designed for females, is your E2 Sensitivity LC-MS/MS? If not you will crash your E2 levels and discover a new kind of hell!

We need more info including lab ranges. Usually here we recommend 1mg AI per 100mg of T-cyp, but I would be more cautious and start out a bit lower knowing that some are over responders.


I’m on self prescribed TRT and used the Female Hormone Panel test provided
by Private labs MD. It’s my understanding that the E2 test included is not
the correct test as it is not the “sensitive” test. I’m experiencing some
high E2 symptoms and ordered some liquid Exemestane. I understand that I’m
flying blind here and that a better blood test is in order but I was hoping
on starting a low dose AI to relieve some of my symptoms. Based on this
info what would your recommendation be for dosing the Aromasin?


I would be careful and use lowest dose possible because low E2 is ten times worse the high E2. Your female E2 labs of 42 pg/mL is an exaggeration, you can’t be that far over the ranges.


So what would explain high E2 symptoms without it actually being high?


Is this what you meant? These were my symptoms 4 weeks ago, since lowering my dose they are almost completely gone.

High Estradiol Symptoms:

Soft erections, inability to maintain an erection
water retention (less frequent urination), leading to excessive sweating, blood pressure spikes or high blood pressure (from the water retention)
hot flushing (flushing around the ears or on the face)
night sweats (from estradiol lowering, causing loss of water retention)
bloating; brain fog (like your head’s in a bubble)
testicles seem smaller than usual


Yes, some. I’ve been having ED, low libido, sensitive nipples, moodiness and mild depression since starting TRT. I started TRT mainly for ED, fatigue, brain fog and my depression. All the symptoms disappeared except the ED and depression. I now have sensitive nipples, low libido and now moodiness. I was really hoping an AI would be able to provide relief. I know ultimately a more comprehensive blood test is in order. But as many can relate I’m anxious to get quick results.


My ED isn’t fully cured yet 8 months into TRT, but getting better all the time. It’s not going to happen overnight, most guys just don’t have any patience and quit early. You’re not going to improve unless you monitor E2 levels.


I’m in it for the long haul. All your advice was greatly appreciated systemlord, thank you.