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Aromasin Dose for Test 400 Cycle?

I’m planning on running a Test E. 400mg / week cycle for 12 weeks with Nolva and Clomid as PCT.

I have aromasin on hand, but wondering if I should take a small amount EOD as a preventative measure, starting week 2?

And if so, what dosage would you recommend EOD?

Not likely needed on 400mg/wk. Aromasin is POWERFUL so if you decide to take it definitely keep it light light light in dose. You don’t need both clomid and nolva for pct. Pick one or the other, start it 3-4 weeks after last pin and run it 4 weeks.

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Thanks man. Would a good starting point be, say, 6mg every other day? Or is that too much. The pills I have come in 25mg, so I would split in half, then in half again.

If you feel it is needed… quarter the tabs. Take one quarter or 6.25 mg with each injection assuming you inject 2x per week. That would be a starting point. Ive read of guys tanking their E2 even on 6.25 EOD.