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Aromasin Dosage on Cycle?

Hi everyone just curious on how much aromasin people have taken and how often? Running 600 test e and 300 deca at the moment and just taking it preemptively but have no experience with it, thinking 20mg EOD

It depends. I’d get bloodwork 6 weeks into the cycle and see what your E2 is at. If your nips get spicy, your BP shoots up, and you are retaining water, then start with between 12.5-25mg E3.5D and get bloods. You may not need any at all (rare at 600mg/week, but still possible). You could be like me and aromatize very heavily. 20mg EOD with no symptoms present sounds like a recipe for crashed E2.

Yup. Burning/itchy/painful nipples, trouble pissing, acne, heavy bloating etc are things to look out for. For me sensitive nipples are the first sign, and I take a half of a arimidex pill and it’s gone in 2 hours. I usually need one every 2-3 days when on 500mg test.