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Aromasin + Clomid PCT


For the merry bulking season of winter I plan to do just a test e cycle but instead of the normal PCT of nolva + clomid, I am planning on doing Aromasin + clomid.

On cycle I am going to be doing 12.5mg ED and then when PCT comes along I am going to go with 25/12.5/12.5/6.25 ED and running clomid at its normal doses.

My reasoning behind it is because of Aromasins suicidal way of stopping estrogen, instead of the rebound with nolva I can recover from below baseline without having a massive spike in Estro from when the Nolva stops binding to the receptors.

This seems like a way better way of doing PCT would you guys agree?


i’d go with Nolva and Aromasin instead of Clomid and Aromasin…