Aromasin as a Testosterone Booster?

I did a test and anavar cycle 1 year ago, since then my testosterone has recovered just fine, however prolactin is double the normal range and estrogen are 5 times more than pre cycle baseline.

I know that estrogen and prolaction are connected and I think that by lowering estrogen I would decrease the prolactin.

I am thinking to take 6,5 mg aromasin EOD for 2 weeks and test again, but I am scared to screw up…

Any help guys?

If you are going to go the route of using aromasin I would only do the 6.25 mgs twice a week. I don’t know if you should or shouldn’t.

I recently reread some stuff on progesterone and prolactin. Basically in a pregnant woman the estrogen and progesterone get high and when they drop that’s when the prolactin comes up and starts the lactation. I don’t know how it’s all connected in guys. Any chance you live with or are regularly around a pregnant woman?

To me it almost sounds like your body is still producing cycle level amounts of the Aromatase enzyme. Aromasin would be the best choice in trying to get the enzyme level down and stay down but it doesn’t do anything about the production of the enzyme so the level might just go back up. The production in men goes up as a way to manage the level of free testosterone. I know some guys just take a while to recover maybe your HTPA loop is just taking a real long time to even out.

Is your free test level ok? Is that what was tested? Did they test the SHBG bound level? Is your test level higher than pre cycle? I don’t even know if they do that. I switched to blast and cruise before really learning everything I should have about post PCT blood work.

If you end up using the aromasin I would wait a few weeks before you check blood work again.

Do you have any signs of Gyno? Over range E2 and prolactin for an extended period of time is how gyno forms.

No signs of gyno luckily…

Free Test is ok, in the upper mid range. Total test is almost as pre-cycle level now (was lower 3 months ago when my SHBG was higher.

So, yes, it looks like my aromatise enzyme is still high!

I took yesterday 6,5 mg Aromasin, got a little headache after about 2 hours but for the first time in months I had a good night sleep without sweating.

I will continue taking 6.5mg Aromasin twice a week and test again in 4 weeks.

It looks like I am in the right path now…

Wow I already took 3 doses of Aromasin at 6.5mg (One fourth of a pill) and I feel amazing, high motivation at the gym, improved appetite and better erection.

I think that because I am not using exogenous testosterone the HPTA feedback is open and functioning, thus I am “naturally” producing more Testosterone!

I will continue to take 6.5mg aromasin every 3 days and I will get a bloodtest in 3 weeks

Not sure exactly what the metabolite is called, however exemestane does have a metabolite that displays androgenic activity, just a fun fact.

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Good input, thanks.
I found it:

“Exemestane is structurally related to androstenedione. The principal metabolite of exemestane, 17-hydroexemestane (17β-hydroxy-6-methylenandrosta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione), binds with high affinity to the androgen receptor”

How is your experiment going on? Are you still taking half a pill a week? Do you have bloodwork?

I took Aromasin for 3 weeks, at 6.5mg every 3.5 days.

I improved from week one!

I did a blood test after 4 weeks and estrogen went down, testosterone slightly up (from 18 to 20) and free T improved enormously.

It was a good experiment!

I’m not home at the moment but if you remind me I can post blood work in the next days.

It’s definitely worth a try if you have the same issues.

Thanks, will do!

Did you get any androgenic sides? Acne, allopecia, etc? Did you originally intend to keep it this short (3 weeks), or stopped for some reason ?

The only side I got was a little anxiety on the 2nd dose.

I stopped because my symptoms improved a lot and I started to feel very well.

Interesting. And you stayed that way, feeling well?

I meant to write your improvement stayed after cessation of the aromasin treatment?

Yes, I felt great and low t symptoms disappeared

Glad to hear that!

Earlier this week you told me to remind you to post your pre and post bloodwork when you’re home.

Are you home yet?


1st blood test:

Second one:

Thanks very much,

That is very interesting, I must say. May I ask if the oestradiol was an immunoassay type (normal) test or the LC/MS (sensitive) one?

I am more used to the pg/mL,ng/dL,pg/mL units than pmol/L and nmol/L so I had to convert for myself:
before: 26.7 pg/mL
after: 23.67 pg/mL

before: 449.5 ng/dL
after: 593.6 ng/dL

Free Test:
before: 65 pg/mL
after: 116 pg/mL

So in sum you had a massive 78% increase in free Test, with a smaller but signiffcant 32% increase in total test and a moderate 11.3% decrease in oestradiol.

From anastrozole/arimidex users I hear a lot of times that once they get their oestradiol below 21-22, their SHBG levels go down, which increases free Test. But where aromasin/exemestane shines according to the studies is that it seems to lower SHBG on itself by default, no matter the oestradiol. Now your ‘after’ oestradiol numbers are pretty close to that 21-22 level here so you nailed the minimum effective dose rather perfectly I have to say as I strongly believe the two effects added here on top of each other.

Also would like to point out the following:
Your ‘after’ free test levels are aproaching the numbers who use 300mg/week of Test-e:

Page 4, Table 2. (yours is 116pg/mL the average in the 300mg/w Test-e group after 20 weeks is 138pg/mL)
And these guys gained on average 5,5kg of fat free mass (so muscle) in this 20 week period.

So basically an equivalent of a 300mg/w “Test-e cycle” is achievable if one finds the correct dose of aromasin/exemestane for himself.

Now I am not saying you could push this to the equivalent of the 600mg/w dose in the study (which dose is also rather popular as the beginner’s bodybuilding cycle of Test) by taking 25mg (so one pill) a day in all cases, but still… Pretty awesome for something that is oral and is rather safe and side-effect free.

FYI here are results for using 25mg/day and 50mg/day:

Table 2.
Free Test went to 190ish pg/mL in both cases, that is about the equivalent of a 400mg/week Test-e cycle.

And this is still exemestane/aromasin only.
One could add further SHBG inhibiting/lowering compounds and/or 5-AR inhibitors on top. Moving free test further up but still keeping DHT in check.


Meant to ask you, but forgot to:
Did you have the before/after DHT serum numbers checked?

Thank you for commenting the data.

Yes, I was very satisfied of the experiment, also after 1 month from 2nd blood test the SHBG was still low.

As you said is important to find the best minimal effective dose.

Many users recommend 12.5mg Aromasin EOD while on cycle. I tried myself and I crushed my E2 after only 3 doses. The lesson is that you should always start with a low dose and adjust it according to blood test, not guessing.