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Aromasin and High Blood Pressure

I began taking Aromasin 12.5mg every other day with 2x4ml 160mgs TOTAL of test per week and 250iu of HCG EoD. I have been experiencing high blood pressure. The Day I take the Aromasin my BP is around 120/80, on my off day my blood pressure is 150/90 - 170/110. It didn’t do this with just test cyp and HCG.

Anyone have an explanation or solution aside from stop taking the Aromasin? If I dose every day I get the sore joints and sides. If I don’t dose enough I get Leaky boobs. . Any help would be appreciated. Oh and 160 mg per week keeps my levels steady at around 550-600 TT 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day. So it is not to much for anyone who wants to go that route.

Spiked BP is a known side effect of Aromasin.
I take 6.25mg EOD and 87mg Test per week (Daily injection12.5mg T prop)
Before Aromasin I was 120/70ish, Now I run 130ish/80ish, higher if I eat processed food or
use a lot of salt, or drink a lot of alcohol.

Like you, I’ve tried to not use an AI and I turn into a moody, bitchy A hole,
retain water, have soft wood and delayed orgasm.

Adex crashes me, and I also read that it and Letro both can also cause high BP.

I tried to use DIM at one point, but it didn’t help with e2 sides AT ALL.

The only suggestion I have for you is to lower both your Test and AI.
Try 80mg or 100mg Test per week split into at least 2 injections and lower the Aromasin
to 6.25 EOD. If your high BP persists, you can try 1 baby asprin per day, or get a low
dose BP med.

Let me know your results.

4 days off from the AI and Blood pressure is back to 110/70. I am going to cut back the HCG as much as possible and see if the bi-weekly shots and less HCG could at least help a little more. I tried 6.25 and My BP was still very high. Not sure what else to do…?

Maybe I didn’t give 6.25 long enough, but I am not sure if that is for me.

you could also try sub q injections, i have read that e2 is more stable going the sub q route, either that or try more frequent im injections, not sure how much of a difference it will make but worth a shot, no pun intended

I will have to look into the sub-q, I have head good and bad things. Thanks for the advice.

[quote]nicholasb9393 wrote:
I will have to look into the sub-q, I have head good and bad things. Thanks for the advice.
I was wondering what were the bad things you have heard? Everything I have researched has been good to indifferent, nothing bad so far but I would like your input.