Aroma therapy kits

Anyone else manage to score one of these kits made by Brock. i just ordered two of them about 10 minutes ago. i’ll give you guys feedback on them once i get them.

Got two…I dig aromatherapy.

how many grams of “fragrance” do the aromatherapy kits accomodate? thanks.

Call me dummy if you like, but I’m not having any success working out where to go for these things. Searching on “Renegade Kit” brings up stuff for model airplanes and racing cars! Could you please drop a few leaden hints, heavy enough to get through my thick skull? Cheers, Phil.

Hey Phil, try including the word bodybuilding in with your search along with renegade. Maybe even right next to each other…

each kit accomodates 2 g of your favorite fragrances… costing only $15 each. pretty cheap but they’re going fast…