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Arnold's words: T3 (spoilers) and King Conan!!!


Terminator 3 (SPOILERS): TheArnoldFans reports that at last week’s “The Arnold Classics” bodybuilding seminar, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked a little about his upcoming movies. Not only did he reveal he will be doing a 2.5 hour daily workout regime to put on muscle for “King Conan”, but also almost acted out the ‘arrival’ scene of his cyborg character in the third “Terminator” flick: “The Terminator then gave some fun new details to “T3: Rise of the Machines” as he practically acted out one key scene - the arrival. The Terminator arrives from the year 2029 and in his usual birthday suite attire, he is in search of clothing. The T-850 approaches a strip joint called “The Spot” and luckily for Arnold it happens to be “ladies night”! Since there are so many other semi-nude male dancers, the bodyguards out front think nothing to out-of-the-ordinary of the nude cyborg. The guard tells the Terminator to go around to the back entrance but it doesn’t listen and slams him and then throws him through the air. Arnold enters nude through the front among dozens of screaming and adoring female admirers of his massive body and spectacular private section”.

Here’s what I don’t get from the scene. Didn’t he get some sensitvity training in T2 from the kid Conners.

So if did why is he beating up bouncers in the opening scene. I hope they got a reason for that and they will show if his memory got erase somehow or something like that.

I hope there will be some vaility (sp? from T2 to T3… But never the less I’ll go see it…

So Arnolds working out again for King Conan huh. I can’t wait for that. That should be intreasting.

Can’t wait for King Conan. Patricia, do you know who’s going to play his son yet?


That model, the T-100, is a different individual robot than the one sent back to 1994 (or whatever it was). It’s like I have one model of a computer, and you have “the same” model. What’s on the hard drives of each computer is going to be different.

Make sense?



Nope, don’t know yet. They haven’t even cast the part. At first, they wanted someone on the “A” or “B” list (a “known” actor), THEN they switched to “Unknown”.
I have much respect and trust in John Millius (director, wrote the script). He’ll get the right guy.

dogchild yup makes sense now…

Heard some rumours about King Conan. One was that Vin Diesel or The Rock was going to play his son.

Im very keen to hear any updates anyone has.

“What is good in life Conan???”

“To crush your enemy, to see him driven before you and to hear the lamentation of his women!”

Can’t wait. Love those movies.

What the hell is Arnie now, 56 years old? Props to him, his longevity as an action hero in Hollywood, and the awesome shape he keeps himself in.

Terminator rules.

Hey, fitone, one more thing – in T2, the Terminator rode the crane hook down into the molten metal, and became homogenized.

I read a report yesterday that the director already said he has rejected the ideas of using The Rock or Vin Diesel (hmm, I wonder if it was really the other way around…) The report also said, however, the director has had the idea of using Paul LeVesque (Triple H) in his head for some time. Not sure how reliable this source is, however.

If anyone should play his son in “King Conan” I think they should get Louie Ferrigno or Fraco Columbo…

Oh yeah, one more thing…regarding the “lessons” lil’ Connor taught the machine…the new machine (in T3) is a totally different one from that of T2. As said above, the second one was already destroyed. In effect it (should) know nothing of what happened in T2, aside from it’s “history database.” Other than the brief reprogramming that had to take place in the future before it was sent back, the new Terminator has not yet had much human contact. So it’s back to square one for John this time in teaching it to be a little more human (it should be anyway, if the storyline was written correctly). All of the Terminators look like Ahnuld’ once their skin has been grafted on. Scary thought, huh? A whole army of Arnold’s running around…damn…

On Terminator memory:

The Arnold Terminator is a model of mass produced robot. It is not one of a kind. Therefore what one learned would not be passed to all the others.

Regarding King Conan:

Has Arnold actually signed a contract? Any idea when they begin filming?


How are Louie or Franco going to play Arnold’s son when they’re about the same age as him?

Ike: I’m sure Franco could pass for a kid, since he’s probably not tall enough to make it on amusement park rides.

But seriously, they’re both too old to be Arnold’s sons, Lou couldn’t carry a role that large, and Fracno is too short.

Ike its called it’s a movie… I think Louie musculary is bigger then Arnold now. And Arnold always reconized Franco as his kid brother or son. Depending how old the son in King Conon is going to be I think they can pull it off…

Here’s the story of “King Conan”. And nope, Ferrigno would be TOO old to play King Conan’s son. He’s only about 2-3 years younger than Arnold. Also, Ferrigno CANNOT ACT. Whoever portrays the son in this flick will need some acting chops.

This tale of high adventure is set in the Hyborian Age (c. 10,000 B.C.). The Cimmerian barbarian Conan, after siring a love child with some The Daughter of the Snows, serves as a warrior in the forces of the Aquilonian army under the command of a tribune named Gaius Metallus. Conan needs to bring back “the jewels of an Empire” to The Daughter of the Snows if he ever wants to see his new son.
After serving in the Aquilonian army for some time (and winning the respect of Metallus), Conan returns to The Daughter of the Snows, hands over to her the aforementioned jewels, and promptly leaves with his young son whom he names Kon.
Now a single dad, Conan takes young Kon under his wing as he continues to fight for the “civilized” Aquilonians. Metallus soon offers Conan (on behalf of the Emperor) a deal too good to be true. Conan is named the king of Zingara; in return, the Emperor keeps his son. Kon will be educated in the ways of warfare, philosophy, and “civilization.” Conan agrees; father and son remain separated for over a decade.
During that time, King Conan grows paunchy and bored. He forgets what it means to be a man and a barbarian warlord. Meanwhile, Kon attends the imperial warrior academy where the Emperor’s young son, Fortunas, becomes the bane of his existence. Since Fortunas is untouchable, Kon keeps quiet and learns how to take a beating. He grows meaner and tougher over time. Years later, Conan gets himself into trouble with the Aquilonians. He’s made peace with Orlock Mac Morn and the Picts. This bold move was a big mistake in the eyes of the new Emperor… Fortunas.
Fortunas visits Conan, bringing with him some of his finest troops including Kon, now a grown man. When assassination attempts against Conan fail, Fortunas decides to settle his hash the old fashioned way: army to army. Now on the run, Conan forms his own army of warriors (“citizen soldiers” if you will) with Kon by his side and his new allies the Picts in tow. Conan and his troops square off against Fortunas and his best soldiers to determine who will rule Zingara.

Ooops: Lou is 5-years younger than Arnold. Sorry.

ARRRRGHEEEEEYYAAAAA!!! [Grabs hair with both hands] I simply CANNOT take it any more!

Fitone … For god’s sake, SHUT UP!!!

You know, I used to think that it was just a language problem. And I’m sympathatic; I teach language for a living and understand how hard it is to go from an Asian language to a European one. But now, I think it’s something else. I think you’re just basically stupid.

Franco is OLDER than Arnold!!! He looks like someone’s grandfather now. He’s losing his hair. His body is sagging. Movie or not, why the FUCK would anyone want to cast him as Arnold’s son?!??

Ferrigno, while not actually being older, is so close in age that he might as well be. He also would not be able to pass for anything even CLOSE to 25-30. But this isn’t the real question. The real question is why, when you have actors out there like the Rock or Vin Diesel (plus an undoubted horde of unknowns) would you even think of casting one of the above two?!??!


I can’t find anything on the net that says Arnold or Milius is currently planning to do Crown of Iron. Can anyone confirm they are??? I would think Arnold’s official site would say something if he was doing it.

Anyway, if you like Conan or Testosterone drenched reading, check out the original 12 book series by Robert E. Howard (and friends). The Conan in these books makes the “movie Conan” seem a pansy by comparison. The first book is simply called “Conan”. The next “Conan of Cimmeria”.

Warhorse: go to thearnoldfans.com

You shall be enlightened there.