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Arnold's Training Program

I recently purchased Arnold’s Modern Encyclopedia of BodyBuilding and was looking at his reccomendation for the advanced training program. He suggests doing a 2x Day split training with
Am: Chest and Back
Pm: Legs

This seems like it might be overtraining and would not give you enough time to recover? I was possibly thinking about starting it but just wanted to know if I should be concerned about overtraining on this.

If you have Arnold’s genetics and train-for-a-living lifestyle, and are using 'roids like he did, go for it.

Not many people take those workouts seriously, though the book is good for learning some basic exercises.

I haven’t seen the modified book, but the older version was overtraining central for normal, non-drug users. It also contained alot of misinformation like spot-reducing etc. Great pics of Arnold though.

See T-mag’s “Growth Surge Project” articles for a better plan.

WAY too much volume. Just try any of the programs in the previous issues. Just about any one of them will be better for you than that.

Arnold’s Encyclopedia is awesome for one thing - motivation. He certainly talks the talk in that book. But like TEK said, it was written for users, and the information can be seen as outdated.

Use the book for motivation. Use T-Mag for your trianing info. If you don’t believe us, use Arnold’s program. If in 6 weeks you’re still breathing, you’ll know we’re wrong. Welcome aboard!

Do that workout and you will die.

I did the first phase for a month a few years ago. Way too much volume. Could hardly move because I’d tighten up so much. Book has great pics and exercise explanations.

The book is good, aesthetically. I haven’t learned hardly anything from it. It’s nice seeing all the old pics of the old-timers, but that’s it. No real information any semi-serious-about-lifting person needs.

Not only that, JW, a lot of the exercises are demonstrated in ways that aren’t optimal. Not enough reliance on core movements, either. Deadlifts get two pages and the description is horrendous, the pics of Franco even worse. Take a look at Haney doing the clean press. You would do a better job from reading a paragraph in T-Mag and trying it.

CGB - so true, but then again, they didn’t have as much info as we do now. Aren’t we just so privileged?

Well, once “Schwazenegger’s Cycle” in the steroid forum gets figured out, we’ll let you know so you can do his routine.

How old are you, 12? Even by the time I was a teenager, I knew the workouts in that book were a joke. Those guys didn’t really do those workouts. They wrote them out that way so people wouldn’t doubt why they were so muscular. “No it’s not the drugs, it’s those killer workouts that make them so muscular”. No one could possibly complete those workouts on a daily basis with any intensity whatsoever, so it made Arnold and all the other pro bodybuilders look like they were animals.

roids + training like an animal + genetics + no job = arnie

every one else can check out the programs posted in the FAQ