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Arnold's Split Routine?

I would most definietly not do that crazy high volume he suggests , but i am more towards the way the days are laid out (ex. chest/back on monday , shoulders/arms on tuesday , legs on wednesday , repeat) . I have very lagging arms / shoulders in my opinion , so could i use this type of split or would it be just overkill? stats -
16 y/o
like 15-16% bf
young dumb and full of cum

yeah do this, volume just fine here…

I’m 15 and personally I see a few problems with this method.

  1. your main lagging body parts are shoulders and arms. Putting all of them on the same day would make it hard to prioritize each of the lagging muscles. If for example you worked one of those muscles on each day of your split, the higher volume needed to bring up a lagging body part would be spread out over the week, not just hammered in all in one day.
  2. Not to necessarily discredit Arnold’s advice, but he took steroids. I don’t have a problem with this, but I do think that what works for steroid users does not always work for naturals.
  3. I’m not sure if you would go through this split twice in a week, but many studies have concluded that twice per week muscle protein synthesis for each muscle is optimal for muscle growth even if volume is the same. You would be in the gym 6 days per week. I don’t know about you, but as a 15 year old I don’t have tome for more than 4-5 days per week on a consistent basis.
  4. this split is primarily based around antagonist muscle training. This is chest and back or biceps and triceps because they have opposite functions. A cable curl is the opposite of a cable push down and a bench press is the opposite as a pendelay row (or seal row if you get technical). These methods are not necessarily bad, and in fact are amazing when done well from what I understand, but are mainly used when supersetting everything. I don’t know if that’s your thing, but just keep it in mind.

Keep in mind that I am a 15 year
old with ALOT to learn and this is a collection of what I think I know. Definitely take everything I say with a grain of salt. Hope this helps.

Edit: I always try to do a vertical pull for each vertical push, and a horizontal pull for every horizontal push, etc. I run upper/lower twice per week split. This ideally would avoid muscular imbalances while giving me 2x per week muscle protein synthesis for each muscle in 4 days per week.

a lot of things in this post that I would disagree with. #2 is pretty much totally bogus. Training doesn’t necessarily change. It’s the results that change. The things that work for non steroid users are pretty much the same things that work for steroid users. The bigger difference between Arnold and the average trainee is actually genetics. Arnold was obviously very much predisposed to gaining muscle. A lot of things could have worked for him, and did. He could handle a lot of volume because he was Arnold, not because he was taking steroids.

I’ll also add that ‘1 push per 1 pull’ makes plenty of sense on paper, but rarely in real life.


Sounds doable to me…just keep the volume down (at least initially).

Thanks for correcting me. As I said I still have a lot to learn.

I gotta ask; if this is true, why are you giving advice?


My personal response is:

  • I can do a crapload more back than chest/shoulders
  • I can do a crapload more squatting than deadlifting
  • I can smash my tris but less so my bis…

Maybe that all balances out lol

Well with this too, what the hell can “1 for 1” even mean? What is “1 push” to “1 pull”? Does the body have some sort of way to calculate this? Does a pull up equate a bench press, irrespective of weight lifted? Do rows transfer directly to presses? It’s an insane way to approach training.

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