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Arnold's Screams


Basically it's all of the parts of Arnold's films in which he is screaming.


Very nice.


Arnold does not scream. He grunts

My favorite Arnold quote is here at 1:00

Yes I have it as a ringtone...


I cant believe he made Junior. I mean Kindergarten Cop was one thing..


YES! That is THE best Arnold quote ever. I say it waaay too often, but it never gets old.

(if 1:10 is too much to watch, here's the "gold" of that clip)






I imagine Nards practicing Arnold's grunts and screams for hours on end, while the neighbors wonder what the fuck is going on over there.


No screaming as Governor of CA? That's when I would think there would be the most screaming.


Yes poor Governator. The worthlessly psychotic California Legislature did to him what hordes of Barbarians never could.


Another classic clip

"I workout until it hurts"


Arnold's Pizza Shop

Nards? That your answering machine?