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Arnolds principle

I wanna try arnolds principle of 50 chin or pull ups. No matter the sets. However i don’t know whether to use chins ups or wide grip pull ups tonight. I will use the other day after tommroow, any opinions? Will my bi’s get burn on wide grip pull ups?

Mix em up. :slight_smile:
I usually do these wide grip when I do the get to 50 plan, because I work bis on a different day. Some days just for variety’s sake, I do one set of however many wide, one set narrow, etc.

Go for it. When you finish, do 3 sets of supinated preacher curls, 30 seconds apart, same weight. Shoot for 10/8/6 reps. The last rep ought to be fuckin’ impossible… until you get it up.


The Arnold’s principle I like to follow is a whole chicken + a mug of beer as a post-workout meal.

lmao harkonnen

my favorite arnold principle is…wait, I can’t say that hear…
: )


I just realized it when I read your post. I’m doing EDT workouts and am hitting 50+ reps on chins in a 20 minute PR zone between DB bench and chin’s. given the scheme of things, i start off with sets of 4, down to 3’s down to 2’s and the last few sets are singles.

I only recently started training again after ~3 years of next to no training and I have gone from 31 chins in 20 minutes to 54 in 20 minutes in 5 weeks. Obviously, very happy with my progress.