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Arnold's Level 1 BBing Routine Works


This was taken last year at 220..I started doing the routine about 4 years ago and shot from 185 to 225 in about 8 - 9 months. I was always a very tall lanky kid growing up but this routine really worked for me and all I took was Muscle juice protein..Of course I had great meals to go with it but I also did eat some junk along the way.


Another photo


and another one


a few years ago


about 7 months ago


Looking pretty good. Are you saying you've done the same routine for 4 years? I tried this for a few months, made some good gains but it fucked my shoulders up from all the pressing (all better now though). Its a decent workout though, if you can handle the volume.


no legs


or back




Shut up. You have no stats, no pictures and a few post yet you call the OP a troll.


Proper poses plz!

+Legs and Back



Five pictures of the exact same thing.

No back, no legs, just the same goofy front pose.


shit, maybe it's just me but you have no lat development...if you see the gaps btn his arms and torso in some front pics.

of course its hard to be sure when there are no back pics.

good arms tho.


BBposing 101:
As you internally rotate your humerus (as seen by the shape and visibility of the deltoid) your lats will "vanish" (and traps may "re-appear" depending on their development).


well i wish i had some pics of my back and legs but i don't ..will get some on here soon though


this is the only other pic I have where the pose is some what a little different


haha well hey man these are all I have..I will post Better and more detailed pics


and my Back is big one of my strong points..


well show us then. Plus all the other required pics, if you dont know what these are read the stickies. Other wise you will just get a lower and lower rating because you didnt do so.


So why not take a picture of your back