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Arnold's Kids


Here is a pic of Arnold's kids at the Salvation premiere..I can't say I see Arnold in any of them..His daughter is really cute..She has her moms smile without looking like Skeletor...I'm surprised his youngest is over weight, with him being such a fitness icon...

Good looking kids none the less!




Not to sound rude but who gives a fuck?


I can DEFINITELY see resemblance in the face of the thinner boy.


i do :slight_smile:


not you apparently.


His kids do resemble him....I've seen other pics of Arnold with his kids...and they're already just about as tall as him.

As for the youngest...hell,he's a kid. He might sprout up and fill out. Besides,being the overweight could inspire him to follow in his dad's footsteps and he might be a genetic freak so to speak. You never know.


Funny, I actually see it more in the younger one.


To expand on the youngest...he has some long ass arms and big feet for a 12-13 yr old...imo. He just might be a big sum'bitch when he gets older.


I'm just upset that Arnold has a kid who has skinny jeans....


You're right, that little dude does have some long arms and big feet...He could be a beast! Imagine knowing that you probably have such awesome genetic potential?

His daughter is going to be hot! I'm not sure how old she is..

Yah those skinny pants are lame...Damn Emo kids! Who wants to look like a damn girl with no backside?

I bet his kids rag on his accent all the time: "It's cal-i-fornia Dad!"

  • Adam


Shouldn't skinny people wear skinny jeans? I wear jeans that aren't at all baggy, does that make them skinny jeans? Holy shit, tell me I don't have teh ghey!!!


If I have to explain what a properly fitted pair of jeans looks like then you may have bigger issues then "teh ghey"


Yeah you might have to, I missed last month's GQ.


i bet he could have a fearsome deadlift with those arms!


No, on this website if you don't have a 6 pack, you're fat


Hmm, the older one actually looks kind of like Sly.


I see arnold in the taller one, he has that kind of lazy eye dead face that arnold had when he was younger.The daughter is hot maybe I will try to move in on that.


The daughter's certainly wearing skinny fit jeans, but the older son's jean are just a tapered leg.


Wasn't Arnold a skinny runt himself when he was a kid? And the younger one is just a little soft-looking. I wouldn't go as far as saying he's overweight...oh wait this is T-Nation. He needs to cut IMMEDIATELY to like 120 so he can show his hawt abz.