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Arnold's Getting Fat


Has anybody seen this latest pic of Arnold? The years and the stress have afected him. He no longer looks like a 5 time Mr. Olympia.

My God, is that really him?? …I mean, he didn’t look anything like that in T3…where did you find the pic?


How can that be him? There’s no scar on his chest from heart surgery. I call photoshop.

Ewww. Yes, fat he is.

He’s got that same “middle” ab that I have.

And by no way am I downsizing his accomplishments in his past, they were great. Except now, he’s fat.

It’s a hoax. I’ve seen this before.

I saw that photo about 18 months ago. I thought it was suspicious then. The last time that Arnold was photographed without his shirt was in the summer of 2004. He looked great!

Remember, he has now entered politics which means he has instant enemies.

Pic is from the Drudge report - and I too wonder about the scar.

Are you guys even looking at the same photo that I am?

Arnold is still yoked, and his shoulders are still striated. Sure he’s a little flat in the chest, but you go have heart surgery and see what happens to your pecs. His abs are still visible - a little flabby, but hardly fat.

How old is the guy any how? 55-60? And you want to campare him to a Conan shot that was taken 25 years ago?

Besides, that’s a bad picture of him and everyone knows it. The Governator still looks good. I just think it was a crapy photo compared to a 25-year-old studio still shot.

You guys should pray you have what he’s got at 60.

Photoshop, definitely.

[quote]michaelv wrote:
Photoshop, definitely.[/quote]

I dunno. Here’s another a friend sent me.

This is a fake. You might not see him with his shirt off lately, but check out his arms next time he’s on tv…those are definetly not what his arms look like.

Notice in the second set of photos:

His legs cast a shadow running to his left

His head casts a shadow down his chest

So the head shot would suggest a sun that’s to his back, probably near noon, while the legs would suggest that it is later in the day.

And the shadows don’t look consistent to me around his head.

It looks photoshopped to me.

Looks like a photoshop to me.

There’s no way that’s him. Right?


Both are fake. Take a look at him on CNN yesterday. He looks pretty buffed if you ask me.

Not to mention that the Daily Mail is the enquirer of London.

And I like how in the article it blames “steer-oids” for his heart problems.

The shot first appeared in a story in the LA Times about men wearing Speedos.

It was never repudiated by the paper or Arnold.

I kinda think it’s real. (Sob!)

[quote]Fuquad wrote:
michaelv wrote:
Photoshop, definitely.

I dunno. Here’s another a friend sent me.[/quote]

I saw the same picture on the right in my local newspaper a few months back. You would think it’s legitimate if they ran it but look at CBS news and Dan Rather so who knows.