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Arnolds body building encyclopedia

Does anyone have Arnolds encylodedia to body building. If so, has anyone tried the workouts that he suggest doing in it? He suggest working body parts more than once a week, unlike most people say to do today. Why dont we use this method anymore. I mean shouldnt we listen to the king himself or not

i have this book. It isn’t that I just heard his name and bought the book. On the contrary, I try to get as many perspectives as I can. I read from start to finish in like a week, it was great. It was the first bodybuilding book I have ever picked up. As for the content, the basics/fundamentals are all there and mostly true. People make some suggestions that his “feeling the burn/pump” isn’t a great thing, etc…some things here and there. For the most part, he is correct on a lot of exercises. People now-a-days put on variations to all those ‘basic’ exercises listed in the book. I do remember reading the section on stretching, those are dead on. AS FAR AS YOUR QUESTION…Arnold was extremely ‘genetically gifted’. If you have his encyclopedia to modern bodybuilding, somewhere in the intro it shows him at age 16. haha, did YOU look like THAT at 16 ? Also, he took lots of steroid right from the start. He was obviously able to recover very fast. It is a method that works for some people, and for some it does not. People don’t SAY to do one thing or another…they just say what works for them. If he did some kind of study…i was not aware of it. Anyway, it was a great book, I think.

That was the first book i’ve ever bought and read straight thru numerous times !!.. the only part i can really recommend now, after years of experience, is the excersizes parts. the diet(s) and those training routines are very outdated, but i do beleive it to be very beneficial to a person just starting out with no one to guide him/her, but i can only recommend the “body parts” sections.

Do not attempt to do the workouts suggested, even the ‘Beginner’ program. It almost killed me. The most ‘volume-tolerant’, ‘recovery gifted’ (natural) person I know lasted 3 weeks on it.

i got the newest version 2 months ago. The workouts are sick. I laughed when i first read them. There is a lot of knowledge in the book, regarding different excercises. The volume that he recomends is just too great. You got to remember that these guys were on anabolics which helped them achieve their goals. laters pk