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Arnold's biography

On another thread (can’t find it right now, damn it) someone mentioned that the first edition of arnold’s biography had a lot more detail about his steroid usage and his sexual exploits. So, my question…which biography? Education of a Bodybuilder? That ‘unauthorized’ bio that came out in the late 80’s? Anyone remember the title? Thanks in advance for any help, I’m trying to dig this one up.

Education of a Bodybuilder has some juicy sexual exploits, but only a veiled reference to AAS use. I bought my copy a year ago.

You are thinking of “Arnold: An Unauthorized Biography” by Wendy Leigh. You’ll have a hard time finding it, as it quickly went out of print. Worth reading, if you can find a copy.

Arnold had Wendy’s book killed. He literally prevented her from hitting the book circuit to promote the thing. His people called all the major television shows and outlets and said that if Wendy appears on the show, they’ll never get Arnold again. Given the choice, they dumped her. The book never got any press, so no one really heard about it.

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I’ve read the unauthorized “bio”, and while there were some interesting tidbits, there was also a whole lot of “let’s see how far I can tease this into being a scandal” as well. My personal opinion of the book was that it was pretty poorly done. She tried, for example, to make it seem like Arnold and Sylvester Stallone were fighting over Brigette Nielson and ended up hating each other afterwards. Gee, I guess they got over it enough to go into business together with Planet Hollywood…

Anyway, I don’t remember exactly what she said about possible steroid usage (except that she tried to make it seem like one of Arnold’s early gym buddies, a doctor, was prescribing them to him), but I wouldn’t take it too seriously.