Arnold's back

anyone else hear Arnold’s making a new Conan the Barbarian movie? The first ones were phat, arnold running around jacked to oblivion killing people. Supposedly Vin Diesel is goign to play his son or something. long live the Oak.

I hope to god this is true!

I am so fucking tired of Vin Diesel. He’s not THAT built. I have had three friends go on and on about how built he is, how they wished they looked like him, and how manly he looks.

He’s not that big, people. Yeah, he’s got a decent physique, but nowhere near enough to play Conan’s son!

Okay - here’s the deal:

Premise: Like Tennyson's Ulysses, an aged King Conan sets out on one last great adventure with his son at his side -- and as his adversary.

This, Conan 3 - "King Conan:Crown of Iron" is being produced by the Washowski Brothers with Stan Lee as Exec. Producer and Creative Consultant. John Millius (who wrote and directed the first) is set to direct and is currently rewriting the script. The goal is to "streamline" the script from 190 pages to 160. At the Washowski's request. So far, the overall reviews of the script have been extremely positive. As can be expected from John Millius. He's awesome. He also wrote the script for "Bugsy" (Warren Beatty). Great flick.

BTW: The whole Vin Diesel thing is speculative at best. Another name mentioned, The Rock. Right now, the only names truly involved: Aw-nold, Millius, Washowski, Lee - and a pre-production staff. THAT'S IT.

Arnold's committed projects: T3. And now he's interested in the remake of Westworld. Go figure.

Patricia, that’s awesome. Where are you getting your info? C’mon, spill it!

On a side note, I completely agree with your assessment of John Milius. He has probably contributed more T-moments to cinema than any other writer. You probably already know this, but for those Forumites who don’t, Milius was also responsible for the immortal “Feel lucky, punk?” speech delivered by Dirty Harry.

And the testosterone flowed…

I’d buy The Rock as Conan’s son. Although if we’re going with wrestlers, I think Triple H would be a way better choice. He’s got the kind of physique I’m striving for, and is passable for Conan’s son, imho. P.S. I’d love to see a Westworld remake.

Marry me, Patricia. I dont care if you love me, like me, or even know me. I just want the inside scoop on all the stuff you get! You are definately somethin else. As far as the rock, i hate that guy. I still remember when he had gyno like no other. and he is a horrid wrestler, so I really cant see fight scenes being that spectacular. now HHH, he is a friggin monster. he messed up his knee, was out for a long while, and came back 30 pounds heavier and even leaner than before. he found some good roids. I remember when he was just a lanky newcomer in rasslin… what roids can do for ppl is an amazing thing. just look at awnold- we wouldnt even know he existed if it wasnt for that sacred needle. I just hope they go w/ the ‘aged’ conan concept, cuz i dont know if i could buy awnold in his current condition as the sword-wieldin beast of yore. but, thats just me…

Well, if I told you my sources, I’d have to kill you. :wink:

Hey, a lady's got to keep a few secrets of her own, right? he he he

But seriously, more than likely, I believe they will go for a "unknown" for the part of Conan's son. I'm thinkin' that the dude who plays the "Grooselog" on the TV series, Angel, might be a okay choice. But, that's my own li'l opinion. Oh - quick thought: Dougray Scott. He was the original choice for Wolverine - but had to pass due to Mission Impossible 2 (he was the villain). Might work.

It’s okay, you can kill me. Just tell me before you do it!

Ah-nuld is also committed to making True Lies 2 with Jamie Lee Curtis (not sure if this is before or after Conan 3, T3, Westworld). check, they usually have shitloads of info on movies in production

Okay, did check out that website - but understand alot on there is derived from other sources. And outdated. True Lies 2 is very dependent upon James Cameron’s schedule. Not Arnold or Jaimie’s. Cameron is the player in the game, here. Arnold at one time, was. But his career is in need of a “big hit”. Conan may be that for him. So may Westworld.

As for Cameron, according to a certain director named Ridley Scott, someone named, Cameron is very interested in directing the next "Alien" flick - which may be just "Alien 5" or finally, "Alien vs. Predator". Ridley spewed that out at a recent press conference where he announced the "Legend Special Edition DVD". Which I've already pre-ordered, btw.

I'd stick with or even The guys at CHUD usually get the scoops before alot of these other sites.

Arnold’s career never recovered from “Junior”. Though “End of Days” was barely edible, his terrible acting is much more noticeable since his muscles have deflated. I’m still embarassed by his “Mr. Freeze” performace. Is he completely surrounded by “Yes men” or something? His agent oughta be hung.

I liked ‘end of days’, it was a decent flick…i also saw ‘collateral damage’, and ive concluded that his other half, sylvester stallone, is in much better shape at their age than arnold. i always though stallone (circa rambo 2/rambo 3) had a better physique than arnold.