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Arnold's Agonist-Antagonist w/ Limited Time in Gym

So I’m interested in doing the program however I train at home (so only the basics) and have limited time as I abbreviated it, so I’m wondering If the below is suffice regarding the concept of it, I’m coming off an injury so I’m slowly easing into it but it fits my schedule


Workout A Horizontal
B)Bench Press
C)Core Exercises (Choose Two - 50 Repetitions)

Workout B - Legs
Calve Raises

Workout C - Vertical
B)Seated OHP
C)Core Exercises (Choose Two - 50 Repetitions)

Workout D - Arms
A) Hammer Curls
B) Lying Lying Tricep Pushdowns
C) Reverse Curls
D)Core Exercises (Choose Two - 50 Repetitions)


IF that fits your schedule and it looks fun to you and you’ll be consistent with it then do it.

Thankyou @Paul_Carter but are the exercise selection balanced? I don’t want to miss anything vital

There’s no lat work. And chin ups are not lat work. That’s upperback work.

Could buy a Spud Inc pulley for less than 100$ and do lat pulldowns. I workout at home and that’s what I do. Can also use it for straight arm pulldowns