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Hi everybody

What is it about arnold
Im down the news agent picking up my monthly magazines and on the cover of
muscle and fiction
and FLEX there is arnold on the front cover?
My question is what is the obsession with the man,sure im a huge fan myself and admired his phsique back when he was well not so old.
So many other bodybuilders have better phsiques than him but yet every magazine i see has arnold on it from 1960-70’s .So what do u guys put it down to?


Bigger? Yes.
Better? That is completely subjective. It is obvious from the continued attention that his old photos get that a large percentage of the population would not agree with you on this.
I could walk down the street today with Arnolds best body and still get mostly stares of admiration. If I were to do the same with Ronnie’s body I believe most of the stares would contain a level of disgust.

The guy is pretty smart and very charismatic. I’m a liberal(and not the tree huggin hippie kind) and I still voted for him the last recall election.
So far, he’s really trying to clean up the beauracracy in Sacramento and doing a good job.

Bodybuilding mags with Arnold on the cover typically outsell issues that have someone else on the cover.

The man is hugely charismatic. He keep be completely cocky and arrogant, but he does it in a way that doesn’t seem to insult or disrespect you.

Physically, he was what many consider to be very close to perfect. Perfect proportion and symmetry. Nowadays, it’s all bigger, bigger, and bigger.

Politically, he is the kind of person that appeals to people across the board. Not everybody loves him or even agrees with him on everything, but most people at least like something about him.

As far as him still being on magazine covers every other month; I think that shows the weak state of bodybuilding today. The “sport” is still trying to live off the glory of its greatest star, maybe its only true star. Not only has no one come close to Arnold in having the total package; physique, personality, and determination; no one has even come close in just one of those traits.

Schwarzenegger in '08,

It’s called “celebrity”.

If you walked up to anyone on the street and said, ‘Name a bodybuilder.’ they would say, “Arnold.”

He’s the only truly famous body builder.

Other guys from the iron game might have followings, but only Arnold has ever really transcending cult status.

Think about Hans and Franz from SNL.
Think about all of the catch phrases. (“I’ll be back.” “It’s not a tumour!”)

There is a Visa commercial starring SERGIO OLIVA. It shows him living his life as a beat cop, going off to dance class, etc. The theme of the commercial is, “Nobody remembers who came in second.”

Arnold came in first at the right time.