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“Arnold Wants Drug Testing”

Came up in my News feed…


Huh. He’s been pushing for a lot of policy changes lately; I heard he just released a commercial for electric vehicles. I guess he’s been thinking of his legacy a lot lately.

So a guy who got famous on drugs wants testing. He should go back to that ugly maid.


Let’s get this out of the way: yes, this is obviously hypocritical. Arnold took drugs, now he’s preaching against taking them.

I smoked weed when I was 12 and drank by the time I was 13. I’m going to do what I can to make sure neither of my sons do the same. It’s a bit of apples and oranges there, of course, but go to the pharma section on this website. Any asshole with a couple bucks and internet access can get boatloads of drugs, and they are, all the time. Competitors in non-tested divisions are taking doses that were unheard of in Arnold’s time.

Let’s also not forget that bodybuilders during Arnold’s day actually looked good, hence the advent of the Classic division. If you were Arnold, and saw distended guts and shitty conditioning winning because of sheer size and mass, wouldn’t that make you furious?

When bodybuilding started to blow up, it was definitely geared towards a healthy lifestyle. Now we get 18 year olds on here saying “yeah I’m gonna die young, I don’t care because I want to go pro.” Going pro shouldn’t mean an early death. People suck at moderation. If you allow a little, someone will take it too far.

Read the article in full. It’s not taking sides, but there ARE two sides to this, and it’s not as simple as “Arnolds a butthead.”


He’s too preachy. Goes on too much with the climate change crap.

IMO, the issue isn’t so much drug testing as it is judges that look at size and conditioning with no regard to shape and over all look.

250lbs at 5% body fat is an incredible feat but a thick waist, uncontrollable midsection and oil injected in god knows where, should not be placing well.

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That has nothing to do with anything. If you disagree with him on the subject of climate change, that is valid, but that does not
make his argument against abuse of steroids invalid.


Arnold can be seen blasting modern bbing in the first gen iron doc. Basically saying it’s went out of control. Arms are 22 inches and calves are 15. Huge chest and huge gut with it. From what I’ve heard and seen he hasn’t been a fan of modern bbing for a while so this isn’t a surprise.

And yeah I like the classic Olympia much better personally.

Drug testing is not the answer. Having judging rules that mark down negative aspects like a thick waist, or bubble gut, unevenly developed physiques etc does more.

I love Arnold, but what he said is dumb, because you can’t reliably get drugs out of any sport and hypocritical, because he made his fame and fortune from them. How would people achieve an Arnold level classic physique without them?

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This has been attempted but it never really takes… it always comes back to “no one wants to pay to see guys who look like anyone else in their gym”, and you don’t see the freaks without some risk of ruining aesthetics.


True enough about the freak factor Stu. I don’t think open division Pro BB is going to change its ways. It may stay the same with popularity, or it might go the way of female Pro BB, if the general public loses interest, and revenue doesn’t get generated.

Classic physique and other divisions that promote balanced beautiful physiques over pure size seem to be gaining popularity. The new rules have more currency there. I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes.

Freaks are better.

Shawn Rhoden looking pretty good with nearly 3 months to go:

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I feel like I’ve been touting Rhoden for years as the only guy still improving while many others hit/miss their conditioning or even get worse.


I agree. I probably don’t have near the eye as you do, but I’ve thought for years Rhoden has the most tapered look and closest to that classic look while still being massive.