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Arnold Vs. Ronnie


Tell me what you think.


No question Ronnies the bigger man, but look at the difference in juicing protocols...there's no comparison...and for the record, personally I like Arnolds symetry any day over Ronnies mass, but that's just an opinion..

         What would Arnold have looked like with the same combos of juice that Ronnies on? Now there's an interesting thought....



Arnold looks better, in the pose where he shows the forearms he's like a statue.


I'll give Ronnie points over the Oak for his Traps and his Lats, but that's literally it. Arnold was and will probably still ever be the most symmetrically proportionate human being ever.


ronnie from 1998 to 2001 beats arnold hands down in my opinion. after that i think ronnie just ruined his physique. yes he got bigger, but the clean lines and taper he once had vanished.


thats a really interesting idea, i would love to see somebody who actually has some knowledge of the sport, and arnie to go in and do a "modern day juicer" version of Arnold.



I've met Ronnie in person. Nice guy and looks alot shorter in person. Maybe 5' 9" or 5' 10", but very wide. For pure mass ronnie is bigger pretty much all over except Arnold does have those biceps and a better chest.

Arnold looks like he did everything right. He's really the only person I've ever seen pull off having that much muscle and keeping it all symmetrical and proportionate. I have no idea how he did it ...looks like it was a nightmare trying to balance that all out.

I don't know if we will ever see anything like it again(classic symmetry). People don't take the time to look good any more, they will go mafter the size anyway they can get it and whaere its easy, even if they're all out of proportion and the symmetry is a trainwreck.

All I see is...

Arnold --- Artistic statue

Ronnie --- Roid monster

Both accomplished their goal though...



no doubt arnold juiced, but i did some research and found out the only time he juiced was about 8 weeks out from a competetion in order to drop fat while without losing muscle. he took a real small doasage of d-bol i forget how much though.


Arnold on todays roids and todays size goals ...think superhero! That's what he would look like if he was going for sheer mass ....Arnold would create something larger than life, that's for sure. He always does.



290 lb UberArnie!



couldnt have said it better myself

Arnold --- Greek Sculpture

Ronnie --- Mass Monster


check out ronnies physique in this vid, MUCH more symmetry than the more recent Ronnie. Abs arent as crazy and his waist is tighter... much more aesthetic.


I'll go with what has been said, Arnold better symmetry, Ronnie massive.

But like it was also said, Ronnie after his first couple Olympia wins was much more asthetic. He gave Arnold's physique a run for his money back then. But now he is in the mass monster category.

And I'll say that if Arnold played the mass game, he would be ridiculous. But possibly not as asthetic as he was. Arnold knew how to present himself.


I like ronnie more because those bizarre leg sizes are unbelievable. Legs of a real dinosaur! But like I said before, they have two different styles, Ronnie owns in mass and Arnold owns in shape of a superhero.


The only thing I don't like about arnold's physique was his somewhat small legs compared to today's standards., but that's just me.


like ive said previously huge legs in the 70's were not really heard of. mass is what wins olympias these days but IMO i dont particularly care for huge legs, there is a point when they become too freakish.


Arnold looks a lot better because he's a good deal taller as well. Coleman is monstrous and there's no way in hell cutler beat him legit. I chalk it up to cutler paid his dues and he was given the win.


I'd take Ronnie's back over Arnold's Chest any day but that's just me.

I disagree about the Olympia, Ronnie came in with noticeable injuries and wasn't at 100%. If he fixes the issue(I don't think he did) and matches Jay for conditioning I think he retakes it.


I would rather look like Arnold so Arnold it is...

I would rather have Arnold's money over Ronnie's too...


good point lol