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Arnold training

Just flipping through Arnold’s BB Encyclopedia recently. How many of you guys use the volume he advocates (15-25 sets per muscle group)? Wondering how good his training programs are.

I have that book myself, I learnt a great deal about exercises and did whatever Arnold said. After all he was “Da Man”. But I realized that everyone reacts differently and our bodies are unique like our personalities. I changed the routines to what worked for me. Now, I workout one major muscle group and a minor muscle group(ex: chest and tri’s) once a week and it has done wonders to me. This way I can really kill my muscles by going heavy duty, becuase I am giving enough rest in between. Maybe 15-25 reps will work fine for some. I am no expert I am just telling you what’s working for me. This is my humble opinion and 0.02cts.

I think you also have to take into account that Arnie had his fair share of vitamin-S as well as great genetics!

If you are not taking drugs, it will not work. Very few natural bodybuiders could recover from that type of workload. Overtraining or over use injuries are usually the result. Pull up an Ian King workout from this site and do that instead.

You can do 15-20 reps and recover naturally.
You just have to be under 25 yrs old.

I am 25.5 now and can pull off 1 work out a day
16-20 sets (of 10 reps)

2 yrs ago I could do this twice a day.

Damn I’m gonna buy a rocking chair and sit on porch tellin stories of ‘when I was young’