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Arnold to Star in New Terminator Movies


I'm not getting my hopes up for this. I guess the Christian Bale Terminator series is dead?


Is he going to be traveling through time to tell people to get off his lawn? God damn, kill it with fire...


I'm the guy that started the Terminator 2 thread last week, so I love those first 2 movies....and no, I do not want to see Arnold in another terminator movie.


"Your knitted cardigan, your brown slacks, and your comfy slippers......give dem to me."





Well played =D


Arnold is done. Clown red hair, face is pulled back so tight from a face lift, fat and flabby, he is not what you remember.


Let's not pretend he can't get in decent shape again. Everyone said he couldn't do it for T3 as well and he looked pretty damn good in that movie.


I wouldn't be so sure. If anyone can come back it's him.

I imagine with 6 months or so of serious gym time, eating right and some juice he'll look amazing at 65. Now that he does not have to deal with the governor's post, he can hit it like an animal again.

That quote is from someone else BTW - Don't want to take credit for something that's not mine...