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Arnold the Great?

Yea, Arnold has the best body in the sport, there is no doubt about that, he also has one of the most screwed on heads in the sport, irregardless of his bank account. Let me tell you a little story of when I met him in Columbus, Ohio at an area mall. He was in town in conjunction with what is now termed the Arnold Classic. I traveled 45 miles to see him and had my questions written down to ask him about training. I was 18-20 years old, Benching 350, curling 200 for cheats, without steroids, in fact, I didn’t even no what they were in 1980! Well, Arnold came in to the store and was mobbed by girls and wannabe’s, not serious bodybuilders. Well they were all asking him questions about Conan the Barbarian, mind you he wasn’t a movie star then when I got the chance to ask him about training, REST-PAUSE TRAINING to be exact. He made me look like a fool in a packed house with some kind of smart retort. I immediately knew I was being dissed, and by nature I told him to F-hisself. He said he couldn’t hear me, and I repeated the saying, and a pin could be heard dropped. I would have killed him, as I was in the bars in Columbus everyweekend hurting guys severly who tested my strength. My hand speed was so swift I sometimes wondered where it came from, I used to break those automatic punching machines that they used to make. Right then and there I lost my respect for him and just wanted to make him respect this peon with brute force. He backed down and got out of the situation, but I feared noone in that room, and they knew it. I thought maybe the place would gang up on me, but they figured if I had just told Arnold to F-hisself they better not mess with me! Me and my cousin left and I probably took it out on some punk in a bar, I can’t remember. People, bodybuilders are the most INSECURE people on the planet. I have lifted 30 years and saw the worse nut case scenarios in bodybuilding. No very many women end up loving a bodybuilder as they are too hung up on themselves. One thing for SURE, as a Mentor in a high place, you NEVER, REPEAT, NEVER, belittle someone who idolizes you. You give that person good sound advice and urge him on. Not belittleling them. I wasn’t working out with Arnold in the gym or any of the physco-babble crap that he employed, just being an innocent youth. When I finally saw PUMPING IRON, and saw how he lit up that joint in front of Mr. Ferrigno, who is ironically one of NEW YORK’S FINEST POLICEMAN, I knew Arnold was a LOSER, no matter what he had in the Bank. If he lit that up in front of my mom, I would have hurt him so bad, with the intent to change his life and attitude. One thing for sure, Arnold sure wasn’t this Bad-A-- that you read about. Not at all. Keep on pumping.

What in the holy shit was the point of that?

You trying to prove what a badass you are or what an idiot you are?

Your first post on this board was less than impressive. Please try again.

Interesting. Anecdote.

So what, now you’re gonna tell me there’s no tooth fairy or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

That’s okay, I still believe in Arnie.

See, unfortunately, I think it’s too easy to become impatient and cynical when you’ve become successful and are forced to deal with hords of people.

Too many of them are straight up weirdos with asinine attitudes, comments, and questions. Mix in with that an enormous ego that many successful people exhibit, especially Arnie, and they can come across as crass and rude.

I’m guessing that it’s probably a good thing you didn’t decide to take Arnie out. If he wouldn’t have killed you, no doubt the mob would’ve lynched you.

I’ve been face-to-face with Arnold three (3) times. He is cold and rude. But, IMO he certainly had the best physique of all time.

“My hand speed was so swift I sometimes wondered where it came from, I used to break those automatic punching machines that they used to make”

This has to be one of the greatest things I ever heard!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
I think I’m gonna make it my signature on some of the other boards:)

You preach about insecurity, but you bother not to see the insecurity in yourself. If you’re such a badass, then you don’t need to let everyone know about it. Obviously you have some issues. Oh shit, wait, you might come beat me up now.

I used to wonder why there were so many people that hated Americans. I now know, and I don’t blame them if they’ve read this drivel.

For the love of God, tell us that this was a joke post.

“curling 200 for cheats”

who the fuck measures their steength by what they can curl with shitty form?

Welcome to our forum.

Thank you for making my day.

Not all bodybuilders are insecure. But if you regularly beat people up in bars and idolize any pro bodybuilder, you probably have some self-esteem issues. Not to mention the fact that you still seem to be fuming over something that happened 20 years ago. Get over it.

I, for one, would be rude too if I had to deal with weinies like this on a daily basis, which I’m sure Arnold does.

Maybe that unbelievable hand speed came from spanking the monkey?

You sound familiar. I’m thinking maybe you’re Mike Metzner’s ghost.

“Me and my cousin left and I probably took it out on some punk in a bar, I can’t remember.”

Boy, you went up against Arnold and he backed down, so then you busted some kid up instead. That’s great. Just great. You sound like a reall hero. Maybe Arnold made fun of you because he thought you were a moron.

yeah, what he said

or right from the very man you love

“If he lit that up in front of my mom, I would have hurt him so bad, with the intent to change his life and attitude.”

Sorry, this post has so many great quotes, I’m getting giddy tee hee hee

April Fool’s Day was yesterday, dickface.

I think he was admitting his own security. I also think that in order to be the best, one has to leave all emotional bonds behind. He “skipped his dad’s funeral to train” (although this never happened; he just related this story to illustrate his dedication).

BTW, if you have hands so fast you can jerk yourwself off before your boss can even look up from his desk, why dont you try boxing… you kno, fighting people who can actually fight back? maybe some NHB?