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Arnold the Great Governor

I will admit, growing up Arnold was my idol, I adored the accomplishments the man made with his body, he is the true reason I ever picked up a weight. As I grew older I started to respect him for his ability to accomplish anything he put his mind to. When he ran for governer I thought it was great, and he would be a great man to have in politics because he wasn’t a typical “dodge the issues” career politician. He knew how to get SHIT DONE!

However, lately this man has impressed me even more. He is leading the way on helping our environment, global warming, pollution, and the future of every human on the planet. Even against the presidents advice he pushes on. Now he has a 3 state aliance to help with the pacific oceans. This man is truelly one of the greatest that has ever lived.

You can say what you want about global warming true or false, the fact is we are doing things that are not good. You can also debate which issues in the world are important, and which are urgent. Some attack AIDS, Cancer, World hunger. All of those are worthy of a fight, but they each affect only a percentage of the population. Our planet effects every human on the planet today, and in the future. In my opinion it is the MOST important issue because none of us can escape the consequences. I am proud that Arnold is leading the fight.

Your logic isn’t BAD, but it is flawed.

It assumes that taking immediate action against a cause that could harm people many years from now is more important than taking immediate action against a cause that DOES harm many people at the moment.

I’d rather prioritize AIDS and cancer over the environment. We should still focus some attention on it, but not as much as on the more pressing current issues.

Look around, these things are happening, and the problem is they happen exponecially! Once they get rolling they may not be able to be stopped. People are the #1 Killer of the human race, not a virus.

BTW- I think that california putting a lawsuit against auto makes is a great idea. Sure people buy the SUV’s, but the automakers are the ones making them such big polluters