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Arnold, T3, and Training

Howdy all,

I just read in Newsweek last night that Arnold is came in for his “Nude Terminator Entry” at the same bodyweight and same physical measurements for T3 as he did for T2 ten years ago.

That is pretty amazing for a 55 year old guy. Hell, he looks great for a 45 year old guy. Actually, how many 35 year olds look as good as he does or can bench 300+ lbs?

Said he still works out every morning for 1.5 hours, just not as heavy as he used to.

Probably old news to many of you, but I just find it amazing.

I was just thinking earlier this morning how interesting it was that the lead in a major action movie is in his mid-50’s. What constitutes “old” is changing, which is good for all of us.

Well, I find this interesting. Thanks for posting it.

If anything it just really proves the point that weight training and/or a lifetime of physical fitness is as close to the “fountain of youth” as we’re gonna get.

I tell you this, at 37-years old, I’m more energetic than when I was in my 20’s.

How old was Clint Eastwood in his last couple “Dirty Harry” flicks (or “In the Line of Fire”)?

I believe Cling was about 143 years old. Somewhere around there.

Who the fuck is Cling?

To self: “Clint, you dumbass, C-l-i-n-t!”

I think Arnold (drugs and cigars aside) is a great example of what a lifetime of working out can do.

I have to agree with Patricia that energy is much more abundant when you’re on a well thought out regimen of diet and exercise. I took a year off one time for various reasons (I’ve been lifting for 15-16 years)and just felt like total crap. When you feel like total crap and have no energy and an injury it’s hard to get started working out again.

Anyway Arnold’s always been a bit of a mystery to me. I find myself wondering if he’s doing any HGH or anything now. He looks so young relative to his age.

As far as coming in at his T2 weight (220 - I think), is he crazy enough to be juicing again after his heart deal?

OTOH, that’s not too far from what might be considered his natural body weight. 6’-2" @ 220lbs isn’t crazy big by any means.

On the other, other hand, he looked to be around 200 at the last Arnold Classic. It doesn’t matter, just musing.

I bet Clint wasn’t any older than Arnold is now, but I don’t care enough to look it up. Clint was considered a really big, strong, guy back in the day, but then he just kind of shrunk away as he aged - didn’t keep hitting the weights.

As we all know here - unless you actively do something about it you lose lbm as you age (and gain fat).

Cling Eastwood, you know, he was in Dirty Hally.

Arnold looks young for his age? LOL

He looks young after 2 hours of makeup, yes. If someone is fit, they are going to look relatively young in their mid 50’s. I have seen women that age that look like they are in their mid-late 30’s (hot). I don’t know, I have seen Arnold doing interviews that weren’t planned and whatnot, and its a little scary at times, but kudos goes to him for continuing the lifestyle he adopted as a teenager; its awesome.


I beg to differ on Arnold’s youth. I couldn’t take my eyes off his new jowls in the T3 previews.


I actually found it kind of amusing when I looked back through his movie career. T2 was about the last movie in which he took his shirt off. You see his arms in all his movies, but he hasn’t gone bare-chested in over ten years on film. Must be losinf the definition in his abs! It is impressive that he’s the same size since T2, I remember how drastic the change fron T1 to T2 was.

I saw Clint at the golf course a few months ago and he looked like shit. He’s shrunken in terms of both facial features and body size. He could stand to take a few lessons from arnold in keeping himself together.

It is my opinion that the most graceful ager in Clint’s age bracket is Sean Connery. He still has the vigour to make an action movie seem believable (even if all of the strenuous stuff is done by a double).

I think that Eastwood has just simply decided to relax and enjoy life. I mean, why not? He probably still runs and works out some, but I doubt that he’s the type to try to hold on to his youth forever like some Hollywood stars.

I agree that Connery’s in great shape (he’s more of a natural athlete than Eastwood), but my pick for best shape of their generation would be Ricardo Montalban. Haven’t seen him around as much lately, but when they were all in their early sixties he was easily in the best shape of all of them. But then all of those old dancer-types age really well. Probably the best out of any given sport.

As for Arnie, I don’t think that - what with make-up and facial surgeries - anyone can really say anything definitive about how he’s aging…facially. But the body seems to be holding up well. His arms are still unbelievable. I’ll be interested to see what he looks like in the T3 travel-through-time scene.

Regarding age – I was talking about his body. His face does look a little weathered in some interviews, but in others it looks quite young. Regardless, he still looks great for his age, most guys his age have a huge belly and stooped shoulders.

Did you guys know Sean Connery competed in an Olympia back in the '50’s? Pretty funny if you can find the picture!

For T1 Arnold was the biggest I’ve ever seen him. He must have been 250+, just incredible. As far as not taking his shirt off, cut the guy some slack! People expect to see him in contest condition and no one I know can or would want to maintain that condition continuously for 35 years in a row.

I think Arnold looked better in Predator,one of the best movies ever made.

Arnold is shirtless in collateral damage. And that had John Leguizamo!

There were no Olympias in the 50s. Connery was a Mr. Universe contestant.


You’re right, it was the Universe -thanks for the correction. (Connery took third in the tall man’s division in 1953.)

Connery was Scotland’s entrant in the NABBA Mr. Universe in 1953.

As for Arnold in T1, he was about 215 in that movie. He looks huge compared to everyone else in it, of course, but if you see him in Pumping Iron (or his real first movie, Hercules in New York), you can easily see the difference. He never weighed 250 in contest condition even when he was competing; his heaviest weight was 245 at the 1974 O.

-Char-dawg the Historian