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Arnold Strips on TV


I think many people can relate...



Some people just don't understand what it's like when people are always asking you to take your shirt off.


Arnold was nothing but chest & biceps.


...and traps


nice vacuum.


Can we see the pics of your massive, symmetrical physique?


I'd rather look like Arnold than the drug experiment gone wrong mutant gorillas otherwise known as modern professional bodybuilders.

Arnold's physique was fucking spectacular - quit the hating, you momo.


Exactly, people who offer one sentence diss-fests like that are usually coming from a place of insecurity. There should be a rule about not insulting another person's body unless you have pictures yourself. It's easy to play annoyamous keyboard cowboy, yeah so bad and cool.

Arnold is one funny charismatic bastard.


For those who don't have the latest Flash player (required by metacafe) and can't get it because the bastards at Macromedia haven't released a version for Linux, here's the vid on YouTube:

That presenter was a hardgainer, which is why he looked like that.


That presenter was a guy called russel harty. He had a show up untill the late 80's in Britian. He's famous for being Twatted good style by grace jones (the singer/model/nutcase).


it seems I hit a nerve with all the Aaanold worshipers here, yes he looked better that a lot of the modern chemical soup bodybuilders and yes he was charismatic...he still was all chest and biceps....geeez...


He had a good overall upper body. His legs lacked size, but that's about it.

I thought arnolds legs were very impressive looking, it was just their size compared to his upper body, that let him down.