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Arnold Strength Seminar

For those attending the Arnold this year, I just got wind of a great seminar happening there! Check it out:

1st Annual Arnold Strength Training Summit

At the Arnold Classic, Columbus, OH March 4th-7th

StrengthPro Inc. proudly presents strength training at its best. For the first-time in its 18-year history, The Arnold Fitness Weekend has added a scientific and practical forum to its already impressive weekend event. The Arnold Classic, the largest fitness weekend in the world, has just gotten even bigger.

With 15 power-packed lectures and more. Some of the weekend events include lectures from World’s Strongest Man, Bill Kazmaier, strongman competitor Mark Philippi, Louie Simmons, Trainer of the Strongest Powerlifters in the World, World Powerlifting Champion, Brad Gillingham, Indianapolis Colts’ Head Strength Coach Jon Torine, World-renowned researcher Bill Kraemer, Nutrition/Ergogenics Specialist, Jose Antonio, Former Olympic Lifting Team Coach Harvey Newton, and many more as well as tickets for the Strongman, Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting Events. For more information check out the web pages at www.StrengthPro.com or call 1-800-255-1017.

Speaking of Harvey Newton, any chance of you talking him into doing a guest forum? I’m sure we’ll all benefit from Dave Tate, but it would be nice for those of us involved in OL to get a chance of corresponding with someone like Harvey.
I always wanted to ask Harvey what I coulds do to get hooge! :wink:

man, i am supposed to have a rugby game that weekend…oh well… looks like I might have to skip it for the expo. :slight_smile:

Incredible stuff…knowledge bombs from big muscular guys…does life get any better???

Is any body from T-Mag or Biotest going to be there? I guess you guys will have a booth?

There better be a report!

Tommy, I think a few will be there. Biotest will probably have a booth for HOT-ROX.

If Timmy P. is going I want to sit on his lap!

Look forward to stopping by the Biotest Booth.