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Arnold & Stallone Interview (1994)

I had never seen this…pretty cool to see them sitting side by side… bodybuilding comes up in the middle…


That was cool! Bruce Willis seemed a bit on the arrogant side, but Arnold and Sly were very genuine.

The host made this dumb comment about muscles “going south”. This idea that exercising your whole life will actually make you in worse shape later in life than someone who never trained makes no sense.

Arnold explained it best. You get addicted to feeling good and you will work out for life.

Cliff Hanger was bad ass!

Arnold’s Fitness for Kids???

I have seen tons of interviews from both these guys…

this one has to top as one of the best…

arnold was cracking me up…especially about his mom being a rather large woman…lol…and then he rips the interview a couple times…

I like what sly had to say about arnold and working out…

Oh man, I forgot how bad “Last Action Hero” was. I actually liked Cliffhanger, although it was a bit predicable.

ya know i do really like stallone in this one.

And i for one love Planet Hollywoods, its pretty cheap, and i always have something to look at.

And that interviewer was kinda a dick.


you can do humping and pumping right after, its called super-sex/ts

[quote]evansmi wrote:
you can do humping and pumping right after, its called super-sex/ts[/quote]

that was hilarious!