Arnold Sports Festival 2023

Is anyone planning to go to the Arnold next year? Because I found recently found out I am. I’ve always wanted to go anyway, but getting to compete will be incredible.


Dude, that’s amazing! Congratulations!
I will plan to come watch you compete.

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Saw this on IG, massive congratulations mate.


Cool. Do you go every year? What’s worth going to see/buy tickets for?

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I don’t. I went the year John Meadows competed, because I was an huge fan and he was always nice enough to respond to me, and I got to lift at EliteFTS the day before, which was crazy cool. Then I didn’t go for a year, then Covid ended the world, and here we are.

The expo hall is incredible. It’s honestly a little overwhelming with sweaty silicon, like if you could experience Instagram in real life; not something I’d seek out on my own - it’s not at all like sports/ fans I was personally used to bring around. I casually bumped into folks like Larry Fitzgerald and Arnold himself, though, who both were relaxed enough to talk to me for a moment. It was very cool.

I’m not a “follower” of strength sports, although I respect the hell out of any athlete at the top of their game, so I can’t tell you how the stages compare to other events. I do know the events themselves are impressive and the competitors are at the top of their game. It’s kind of circus style, where there’s something going on at one stage or another all the time. Everything is run in “heats,” so you’re not watching one thing straight through.

I particularly enjoyed the bodybuilding (just because of John), the strongman (because the size of those dudes was other-worldly), and the CrossFit (just because that’s entertaining to me).

I don’t think you need a real plan or anything. It’s in the heart of Columbus, which is a really nice college town, and it’s big enough you can just roll in and see which crowd you don’t want to fight through. Obviously your focus will be on competing and you’ll have different access than I did anyway.

I’m an hour and a half away. I don’t know how to share private info on here, but we’ve got half a year to figure it out. As we get close, please let me know if you need anything at all. Whatever I can do (assuming I’m in town), I’m happy to help!


I really liked visiting there. Went for a concert last year.

That convention center is absolutely massive!

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I forgot about the Arnold statue! If you don’t take a picture posing in front of it, you didn’t go




Man, I’ve never taken a picture with the statue. I need to!

And congrats @DoubleDuce , I also saw how you finished at Nats. Incredible work!