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Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

Was reading an article in a magazine as to how Arnold prepared for T-3 in which he used 5 sets of 15 reps for each bodypart.

Any thoughts as to why 15 reps opposed to lower reps? Nevertheless, he looked in good shape for 54.

I believe that I heard it was a precautionary measure after his heart surgery.

EC is right - I’ve read that before too. Also, it could be that Arnold has the size, just needs to lean out. But man, did you see that pic of him in a speedo? Ick.

yeah, he looked unbelieveable in the screen shots i saw.
They had the T3 shots compared to the original terminator and he actually looked better (not so smooth and a better tan), unfortuneatley the wrinkles on the face can’t be hidden.
He’s still the bomb!

That would make sense and I suppose he was closely monitored to this condition. Thanks

"Nevertheless, he looked in good shape for 54. "

LOL. Yeah. Like any of us look that good at whatever age we are…

I believe it’s due to the fact that recent empirical evidence shows that 15RM sets enhance one’s acting ability and on-camera performance.

In all seriousness, as much as I cringed at the sight of that program being printed in mass media and the plethora of people who are now likely following the same routine in their quests to “tone up,” Arnie looked absolutely dynamite!

I agree that the exercise prescription took into account Arnie’s health history and many years of heavy loading on his joints.

Like most mags, they probably didn’t even get that info from the Oak. Most workouts of the pro’s that they print are made up crap that the person they claim uses them have never even used. Screw mainstream mags.

They probably were accurate in this case. It makes sense to me. Its still funny though that Arnold was bigger and stronger than 90% of the people on this board when he was 15!

He’s such a freak. That guy has THE best genetics I’ve ever seen (like we all didn’t know that already). I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. Aw shit, he rocks. ( I hate him )

Be nice, Goldberg. That wasn’t the case until he turned 16.

Perhaps Arnold simply responds better to higher reps. I had an enlightening conversation with a 5’8" 215 lb natural guy who thinks on much the same lines. His definition of strength is 8-10 reps, 15-20 for volume.


I’ve come across many of these so-called reports and interviews that mention his training regimine for T-3 and they can be quite contradictory. I wouldn’t believe much of what you read on the subject.

Has Arnold ever worked out in a regular “human” way that the rest of us would benefit from?

though arnold looked good in t3, he wasn’t nearly as big as he was in the original. as far as his heart sergury goes, that was just a corrective thing, and that was a few years ago. that in no way would hold him back from lifting heavy, if he wanted to.

What do you all think of the high volume approach used by the likes of Arnold, Franco and the boys back in the day?

Any good reason for doing 25 sets per body part? I reckon you would have to be pretty well conditioned to follow that kind of routine consistantly.

Anyone ever tried this style of training? How did it work for you?

a good friend of mine was [is] an army ranger, so hes used to pt all day, damn near every day for months on end. he does like20 sets per bp, trainin everything 2x weekly. i hit everything 2xweekly, but i sure as hell don’t do 20+ sets.
but i guess his body has been conditioned for it.who knew?
peace, flash

Cool. I would love to be in the kind of condition where I could do that. I reckon it would be difficult to improve strength doing that much work though.

Not only that they said he used machines in some of the exercise.

Hey if you can eat, sleep, train all day anyone can get into shape. Thats what Arnold was paid to do.

they used CGI on him in T3

Most normal people doing that kind of a routine burn out pretty quickly. Of those who don’t (the ranger types), they most often just stay at the same size and gradually up their level of conditioning. It takes a true genetic freak to get big on a routine like that, usually with a bucketload of steroids on top of it.

BBers back in the 60s and 70s didn’t take that much in the way of gear, so there were correspondingly fewer who could make gains on a double-split of that volume. Believe me, we all used to train like that…and it rarely worked.