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Arnold Schwarzenegger In Rio


Arnold Schwarzenegger in Rio


yeah... Arnold did some dumb things...

damn shame that led him to making hundreds of millions of dollars.


  • wishing i could make money from all the stupid shit i do.


I thought it was pretty funny, man, I wonder how much pussy Arnold's had in his life.


My first guess would be . . . a lot.


The man has no shame........and thats why we love him!


I pissed my pants. God damn funny.
Arnold grew in my eyes again. A T-man at his best.


[quote]theoak wrote:
yeah... Arnold did some dumb things...

Dumb? I wish i were doing something dumb like that that right this second! Do you think Arnold got layed on that trip?

Arnold is the second greatest Man in the history of the planet 2nd only to King Hef.


You know why he married Maria Shriver?

Because they are trying to breed bulletproof Kennedys.


He USED to be the man, until he started bad mouthing all the things he did when he was younger. It doesnt even sound like hes going to be at his own bodybuilding show in a few weeks, or at least that was the rumor anyway, but all because hes a poitician now, and trying to kiss ass and win votes. I think he needs to get back to reality, and become a member of T-Nation, and start thinking about how hes going to kick that Predator`s ass, one more time....


Yes, obviously placating some guys on an internet forum is what's important, not performing his duties in an important political office.


I fuckin love that dude....


what the hell???

that was so funny!

that looks like he did it in the early 80's right???