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Arnold Returning to Film


I was somewhat happy to read this just because I liked his movies (minus End of Days). Though I'm not sure if he will reprise his archetype in anyway.



Finally, I was counting the days until I'd read about his return.
I hope old Arnie tries to emulate Stallone and get back into shape.


I hope his movies don't end up like Steven Segal's.


if that pool picture of him is accurate to his physique nowadays... he's got some work to do... but its not impossible... some of the guys in the Master's (BB comp) look better than their counterparts that are 20 years younger...


I'd rather he just stay away. Terminator, yes. Commnado, Predator yes. Most movies, no. I just don't think he was that good. I hated the Conan movies because I thought they were cheap.




I love Arnold and all that he was in those great movies...that's why I don't think he should come back to movies.
It'd be like that last Indiana Jones crap.


We need some new impressions in aid of this news.


Blasphemy indeed.

The look and feel of the first Conan movie was gritty and cool.
And don't get me started on that genius soundtrack by Poledouris.

This is so fucken Alpha.

  • Boss Alpha -


Doesn't mean he is going to try and be who he was in those movies. He could be playing more of a mentor type, who knows? That would necessitate getting more manly action heroes to come forth out of the ranks of today's actors, though.


Well, Statham ain't that bad.
Although he, too, has only one face.
But that's cool with me.

Gotta say, though: Matt Damon did a good job with the Bourne movies.
Imho, a reasonably good actor can become a reasonably good action hero.
Adrien Brody didn't disappoint in Predators, either (and he bulked up a bit for that movie, too).


well the term "action hero" has kind of evolved over the last couple years... there's no enormously big guy... damon, stratom come to mind they were fit but it was more about technique than raw firepower...

even liam neeson (whom no one would say is big) was in an epic action film, Taken.


I agree with both you guys, but out of all those guys when you think action movie, the only name that readily pops into your head is Statham. In Arnold's heyday there were Arnold, Sly, Segal, Lundgren, Mel Gibson even Carl Weathers.


Hi dere! How are yao? Furst, I would just like to get to know you all again before I make a new meuvie! Come ahn! Look at my muzzles!!!

oh, wait, did you mean written or verbal impression???



"That'll do pig, that'll do."


He should 100% take a bad guy 'crime boss' type role.

I am happy about this as long as he doesnt do Jingle All The Way 2


Crime boss definitely makes sense.

But I have to disagree with you. Jingle All the Way 2 would be EPIC! ROFLMAO


For some reason I read that in a Swedish accent.


Expendables 2. Nuff said.


In my mind I try my best to forget the years Jordan played for the Wizards.

I have a feeling I'm going to be doing the same for the movies Arnold stars in post political career.