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Arnold Results! (Men)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 2002

1 Jay Cutler

2 Chris Cormier

3 Dexter Jackson

4 Lee Priest-McCutcheon

5 Kevin Levrone

6 Ahmad Haider

7 Dennis James

8 Ernie Taylor

9 Quincy Taylor

10 Nassar El Sonbaty

11 Tommi Thorvildsen

12 Jeff Long

13 Victor Martinez

14 Garrett Downing

15 Stan McCrary

Has Ron Coleman decided to put all his efforts in the Olympia? (I know that doing the Arnold last year was a departure from past Olympia winners). Any surprises?

That’s a pretty strong line-up…Personally, I’m glad to see Dexter Jackson do so well, but I’d like Dennis James to get a bit more credit as well. I saw his pics from the last Olympia and he was absolutely shredded, on top of being thick… Otherwise, no big surprises…Cutler is obviously the “golden boy” right now. Do you think he deserved the victory?

And they picke Yaxena, the Horse-Faced She-Man as overall - rather than the much more beautiful and still feminine, Valentina Chepiga. I haven’t seen the pictures yet, but I know I’ll be shaking my head in dissbelief once I do. Also, Susie Curry, again? No wonder Timea didn’t compete - she knew who was going to win once she saw Susie entered. Sad state of affairs with the IFBB judging on the women’s side. I could care less about the men - they’re WAY beyond any help at this point.

The difference between Jay Cutler and Chris Cormier was huge. Unfortunately Chris’ best cannot compare to Jay’s best. It appeared that Cormier sacrificed some size at this show.
Supposedly after the prejudging Dexter was only 1 point behind Chris. He looked amazing.

Priest as well made a great comeback, and while deserving,

I think Ahmed Haidar could have snuk into 4th.
Levrone got a complete gift. He was a bag of water and was totally outclassed.

James finally came in full as a house and looked like a monster, instead of the constantly depleted state he comes in, but unfortunately was holding way too much water. Maybe from the antibiotics he was on because of the flu.

Nasser El Sonbaty is finished. His shoulders and lats are all lumpy, one arm is bigger than the other, he has scars on his right rear delt and his legs are smaller. His glory days are over.

chris i’d have to agree with you on levrone. he didnt look very good at all. when he is on (like the 2000 olympia and other contests before) he has an unreal physique. but i wasnt to impressed with him in october and his legs were way off at the arnold. is he getting burned out or something?

DITTO! I’ve asked this question before without a clear response. We have to give the Weider’s (and their resultant Conglomerate), for litterally “creating” an industry, and in many cases, Bodybuilding and Fitness contest. Then it seems like they turn around and attempt to almost destroy what they created by “pushing” some warped sense of aesthetic (bloated bellies, Pat’s “horse-face”, assymmetry, etc.)

Or is this all just a case of the powers-that-be knowing a LOT more than I know about what the true market is? That may well be the case…they’re the experts…

As I’ve also said…Timea has that “'80’s Aesthetic” (I think) of “Feminine Muscle”…I don’t blame her for not competing either…

Yep - the bodybuilding fascists known as Weider. However I think they’re slowly losing their grip over the fitness industry. You know, due to increased competition. Thank god for commerce! I remember Gladys Portuguese talking (hush, hush) about Joe and Ben - and how they did not want her to get any bigger. And about alot of the back room peddling they did - especially with the women. Another good example of Weider’s involvement is Cory Everson. Now, I was glad that she won the Ms. Olympia from 1984 to 1989. BUT if you recall how she looked previous to her 1984 National win. Skinny. Yes, lean and ripped - but SMALL. Then, boom - the woman got big. I’m sure it was due to Jeff Everson’s brilliant chemical knowledge and his foot (along with his body) IN the door and office of Joe Weider. In the 80’s womens bodybuilding needed the hook that would maintain it’s growing popularity. Remember when it was a part of NBC’s Sportsworld? Cory was deemed that hook. Juliete Bergman, after her recent Ms. Olympia win, said a interesting thing: she believes Cory was the one who made plastic surgery popular among women bodybuilders. I think she’s right. I LOVE bodybuilding - I think it’s due to my artistic background. I LOVED it especially in the 80’s - and I’ve mentioned somewhere else in these forums that women’s bodybuilding hit it’s stride in 1988 and 1989. They were like beautiful statues (and the men weren’t all freaky/icky yet, too) on stage. Muscle truely enhanced the feminine form then. I watched on TV as Rachel McLish won the Womens Pro World BB Championship in 1982. A year later, I picked up my first copy of FLEX magazine and saw Lori Bowen. I knew that was what I wanted to do and have been weight training ever since. I started competing in 1987. I thought I quit after my two contests in 1996 (won my class in the first show, got second in my second), due to how BEEG the women were getting and plus, I wanted to become really involved with martial arts. However after the IFBB passed out that memo to all the women basically telling them to start looking like women again - I thought hey, what the hell? And competed last year - but the judges still went for ambiguous looking women. I was relegated to 4th - even though I had the best overall presentation and my symmetry is second to none. AND I was IN SHAPE. So I understand Timea’s pain - she’s improved so much - even though I think those breast implants distort her symmetry a bit. I believe Valentina Chepiga is a undeniably beautiful woman with a outstanding physique. I so vividly recall the lineup of the 1988 Womens Pro World - and I wish women’s bodybuilding would go back to that. Those women were beautiful. Hey,sorry for going on and on about this…