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Arnold Press Shoulder Exercise

Can someone please explain to me what it is/ how to do it exactly. I’d like to know if it is worth incorporating to my routine and the benefits of it. The Ian King article last week doesn’t really explain it to well. Please help me out, I’m running out of exercises to do on shoulder days. Thanks.

JD Drew…the Arnold Press is a variation of the DB Shoulder Press. Begin with the DBs at shoulder height in front of you with your palms facing your face/body (supinated); as you press the weights up and out, you internally rotate your hands so that they are facing each other about half way thru and are facing forward (pronated) at the top of the movement. When I say press up and out I mean that you don’t just press the DBs straight up, you have to press them in an arc motion and the DBs should meet at the top.

Grab a couple of dumbells and hold them palms facing towards you w/ the dbs in front of the shoulders (as opposed to normal db presses where palms face away and the dbs are kind of ontop of/to the side of the shoulder). As you press the dbs, turn your wrists so your palms are facing out at the top of the press. Rotate them back in as you lower the weight. I’ve read that A.P.s are bad for the shoulder, but someone else can confirm/deny that.